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Katie Hannon: That email and the Department of Justice - 9 views

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How do I post a screenshot from diigo to - 69 views

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screenshot wordpress blog technical problem help


windows live spaces 1503 server error - 32 views

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bug assigned windows live spaces 1503 server error blog

Graham Perrin

auto blog post dumps all bookmarks at one time - 40 views

as i understand, diigo auto blog post is supposed to post one bookmark at a time to my wordpress account but instead diigo posts all available bookmarks at the first time.

auto blog post dumps bookmarks at same time

Graham Perrin

diigo doesn't send bookmarks to wordpress account via auto blog post - 110 views

i was able to get the blogs set up in diigo but when i assign a new job, it appears to be working but nothing is send to the blog

bug WordPress auto blog post trouble does not send articles to

Michael Norton

Send to Blog with blog: Invalid API - 445 views

Christy's suggestion solved the problem. Thanks to both of you for the assist.

diigo wordpress blog API help resolved

Michael Norton

Posting to a Drupal Blog - 119 views

Never mind... I found the answer from Zach Harkey in a sticky note on the instructions page. I'm copying them below for anyone else who encounters this problem. Blog Type/Service: MetaWeblogAPI ...

drupal blog diigo bug

Graham Perrin

Enhancements for Post-to-blog and Auto-blog-post - 108 views

I've been using diigo for ages for bookmarks, but i've just set up a blog so i wanted to try out the Post to blog and Auto-blog functions. Unfortunately the results don't seem all that useable. O...

diigo blog auto autoblog suggestion feature

Chris Lott

Blog this? - 5 views

UPDATE: I see it is in the "more actions" tab-- wasn't there at one point a way to do it by right-clicking on a page and/or from the toolbar? Is there any other way besides going back to one's book...

blogthis blog tools

Graham Perrin

Diigo blog temporarily unavailable - bad_httpd_conf - 14 views

Prioritise this bug? Assuming that press and other reviewers may look to the blog to see what's new …

bug resolved priority blog Apache gpd4

Graham Perrin

Posting to Blog Loses Hyperlinks - 41 views

Please enable e-mail notification for Even if the underlying issue is not the same, it's likely that Diigo team will attend to both Auto Blog Pos...

Blog links wordpress

Graham Perrin

Diigo blog: WordPress: Error establishing a database connection - 21 views

Same error. I guess, work in progress behind the scenes by Diigo people :)

bugs bug blog priority gpd4

Graham Perrin

'auto blog post' to an other category than public or draft - 27 views

I rarely use but AFAIK what you suggest is not a feature of Diigo. Tag: suggestion

auto blog post internal private protected help suggestion

Graham Perrin

Tools/Tagrolls Problems - 28 views

See also relating to tagrolls.

Tagrolls alphabetical blog count bugs bug

Graham Perrin

auto blog - 25 views leads to a similar report a few days ago, Please enable e-m...

auto blog bug

Elena LaVictoire

Is the auto-blog feature not working? - 28 views

bug blog

started by Elena LaVictoire on 28 Apr 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Addng Group Icons to a Blog - 8 views

You can probably do that with

blog embed groups help suggestion resolved

Graham Perrin

adding Windows Live Spaces blog to "auto blog post" - 11 views

Search this forum for the error code to find topics of possible relevance, e.g.

auto-post blog Windows Live Spaces bug

Graham Perrin

Tag Cloud - 319 views

@ K.L. Evans Is this working in Diigo 4.0 beta?

tag cloud help bug TagRolls blog

Ben Darr

can't add a wordpress blog - 231 views

What is the etiquette around this? Does adding our own website, blog or Google docs to a group count as self promotion? What is considered appropriate?

wordpress blog Atom XML-RPC help resolved

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