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"My Library" on Android devices - 7 views

It would be nice to have an option to filter between Bookmarks, Notes and Images when browsing "My Library" on android devices or have more options to point to this type of filters on the toolbar b...

android powernote filter content type brainstorm

started by anonymous on 30 Dec 11 no follow-up yet

Make notes more powerfull + some feature requests - 26 views

I know Note keeping is not Diigos primary focus still I would like to see option to add attachments/images/media to Notes . Best UX example would be ToDo CheckBox in Note...

notes brainstorm

started by tehnopoint on 09 Dec 11 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Diigo WebSlides: presenting a feed - 37 views

> I imagine something like, a Diigo list that updates itself: > or > > * at the request of the author of the list If at the request of the author, on demand (not periodic, automated) th...

list brainstorm WebSlides performance load Atom RSS suggestion gpd4

Graham Perrin

[Brainstorming session] Diigo & Facebook - 44 views

We'd like to open up a brainstorming session: For those avid Facebook users, we'd love to hear your ideas / wishlists on what we should implement for Facebook. Feel free to fire away! Thanks!

brainstorm facebook widget

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