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Awesome Screenshot 1.3.2: unexpected reloads cause dataloss from forms - 13 views

After I captured in its entirety, I noticed that the tab reloaded. Environment Webkit ni...

bug priority assigned dataloss field form screenshot 1.3.2 page tab reload gpd4

Graham Perrin

Diigo for Firefox sometimes copies to the wrong group - 5 views

Firefox aside: I see that bookmark dialogues also change size/shape in the extension for Google Chrome, and in Diigolet. I haven't tested enough to tell whether the change causes the wrong group bug.

bug priority Mozilla Firefox group bookmark gpd4

Graham Perrin

dataloss: major topic missing from this group - 12 views

A major topic is missing from this group. Please, does anyone know how or why it was deleted? Can it be restored? In the meantime I have ...

dataloss group topic priority gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 10 Aug 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin liked it
Graham Perrin

changes to tags seem to be queued, not effective immediately - 74 views

The original of this topic, with 47 or more comments, is missing. A snapshot of a cached copy has been posted to If you contribu...

bug priority library bookmark edit add delete tag gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 10 Aug 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

changes to tags seem to be queued, not effective immediately - 53 views

  • changes to tags seem to be queued, not effective immediately
  • I guess that a queue of changes to tags (additions, editions, deletions) over the past two or three days is being worked through. Keyword: * patience
  • Diigo is the best, despite "some" of its problems
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • The four examples given at comment #17 above seem to be OK now but I'll leave this topic open (not resolved) pending advice from Diigo team.
  • Me too! Thanks!
  • 28 May 10  This bug seems to have reappeared. Looking at POST and PUT in the API, my sense again is that PUT (or PUT-like) operations are bugged.
  • not a word from Diigo support
  • > This bug is ancient It was reported a few months ago but to the best of my knowledge, it has not been present throughout the entire period between then and now.
  • I'll give it some time, hoping for a fix of this bug, because - as you say - the features of Diigo are really useful.
  • I still have all those problems after the update
    This group bookmark is of a Google cached copy of a Diigo topic that is inexplicably missing. A replacement topic has been created:

Email? - 9 views

I have the same problem as Jeff. None of the emailed articles I sent got to their destinations. That's the only reason I wanted this extension. Thanks for any help on this.

bug assigned priority Help e-mail


Since Diigo 5, all annotated links seem to fail - 36 views

You do not follow the right steps. Please select "get the annotated link" from the drop down menu of share option. The share option is located below each item. As you see,the following are annotate...

bug resolved priority Diigolet annotated link redirect gpd4

Graham Perrin

Is anyone having problems with Diigolet? - 16 views

Diigolet 4.0b14 seems to be OK now. A different type of Diigolet, that's used for Diigo meta and annotated links, may be troublesome (see for example

diigo bug Diigolet priority

Graham Perrin

moderation: content lost following approval - 49 views

Bug fixed now, and thanks a lot for helping us to define this bug.

bug resolved priority dataloss group moderate gpd4

Graham Perrin

new comments are lost without warning - 4 views

AFAICT the comments that I added on 24th March appeared in my library some time later. Probably after the fix reported by Diigo at Tag: resolved

bug resolved priority comment annotation

Graham Perrin

Cannot save to Library? - 31 views

Thanks for confirming that it's working :) It seems that things were queued — not lost — so I have removed the dataloss tag from this topic, and marked it resolved.

bug resolved priority library usermalfunction

Graham Perrin

Diigo Slow to Update and Inconsistently Displaying as Private - 131 views

Graham, Re your first response: Thank you, but I should have clarified that I meant within the bookmarking part of the site (e.g. when I click "edit" a bookmark and go to add tags, in the tool...

diigo bug priority bookmarking firefox toolbar private public website display help

Graham Perrin

Problems with tags - 45 views

Thanks for the detailed response. Please enable e-mail notification for (2010-03-24), recently re-titled changes to tags seem to be queued...

bug tag dataloss priority

Graham Perrin

Diigo: Web Highlighter and Sticky Notes :: Add-ons for Firefox - 5 views

    • Graham Perrin
      Outdated. The current version is
Graham Perrin

PNG version missing from some snapshots - 8 views

Again, this bug seems to be easily reproducible: PNG missing from and from

bug priority Mozilla Firefox snapshot PNG

Graham Perrin

Topic 9588 not found. Redirect failure? - 3 views

Sorry, this is a duplicate of previously reported affecting topic 9588

bug priority redirect topic gpd4

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