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Diigo toolbar not starting (IE8) - 19 views

You can use diigolet currently as an alternative.

Internet Explorer bug toolbar

John Barnett

Options not available when using IE9 - 24 views

Thanks for the reply, Sods law is at work here: it now works OK . Thanks.

bug Internet Explorer IE9

Eric Weiss

Constant Diigo Toolbar crash on IE 8 - 70 views

It differs because I have found a way to constantly reproduce it. As it appears to be related to highlighting/selecting text and then clicking on a hyperling. Which the other topics didn't mention ...

toolbar crash bug ie8 internet explorer

Graham Perrin

Diigo Toolbar 4.02 + IE8 + Win XP + No administrator rights = weird - 62 views

The following bug reports may be of interest: (2009-08-20) DiigoToolbar.3.1.22.exe: Run as administrator: post-installation oddities in Windo...

Diigo 4.02 bug toolbar IE8 Internet Explorer 8 Internet Explorer administrator

Graham Perrin

Adding related tags for refining search: plus symbol not visible - 45 views

That was it. I installed a clean version of Firefox in parallel and the problem was gone. Now I need to find out which of my numerous extensions causes this problem. Thanks for the tip and thanks...

adding related tag refine search symbol advertisement firewall suggestion Firefox Internet Explorer

Graham Perrin

IE 8 and sticky notes not playing well together - 63 views

Here's the latest... Fresh install of Win 7 and IE 8. Installed diigo TB diigo TB works except stickies diigolet fully functional Anyone have issues with Vista and/or Win 7 and diigo toolbar o...

internet explorer sticky notes bug

Graham Perrin

public (anonymous) can not view annotations/highlights in Internet Explorer 7; Error: I... - 23 views

Internet Explorer 7 remains bugged. Annotated links e.g. continue to fail (toolbar of Diigolet fails to drop down). Priority: high; * failure is a poor first impres...

Diigolet IE Internet Explorer Windows bug priority gpd4

Graham Perrin

importing favorites from IE - 26 views

I imagine two approaches: 1. Defocus from Diigo. Use your browser to produce (export) only the favourites that you want. Then in Diigo import your browser's production. 2. If your browser...

Internet Explorer import help

Graham Perrin

Internet Explorer 6 with Diigo Toolbar 3.1.4 crashes when visiting - 74 views

In brief: 1. logged on as Windows XP user centrimadmin 2. installed Diigo toolbar 3. logged out 4. logged on as Windows XP user cnh1 with admin privileges 5. opened IE 6 6. no ...

Internet Explorer bug gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 13 Nov 08 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Can't bookmark - 57 views

Thanks. Looks like it was a problem with the Firefox IE plug-in. Works with native Firefox. El

Firefox Internet Explorer help resolved

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