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Soul Book

Questions about new pricing levels (Free, Basic, Premium) - 131 views

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started by Soul Book on 14 Sep 10
  • Soul Book
    First, I just wanted to say that i appreciate you listening to feedback and I think the new pricing levels are a big improvement that will suit a lot more people.

    Anyway, my questions would be:

    1 - For the limited caches (5/month for free, 20/m for educator), are these automatic, or user selected?
    As I understand it there used to be two kinds of caches. An automatic system one when the bookmark was created, and user created ones later. I was always a bit confused about the details though.
    I assume that now those on limited plans won't get the automatic system cache, and need to check the box for the ones they want to save. (will there be any way to see your usage in the future?)
    PS/ personally I'd rather have a monthly MB storage limit, but that's just me.

    2 - For those on Ads free accounts, do ads show up on links that they send to other people?
    For example, if a premium user sends a link to a diigo meta page to a friend (diigo user or not), would that have ads?

    3 - Any chance of adding more payment periods? Eg: 2 years, get 20% off, 3 years get 30% off. Or a 6 month period for the basic scheme.
  • Joel Liu
    1. It's for cached pages user uploaded.
    2. We'd like to hear more opinion about it.
    3. We will evaluate your suggestion. However, I am afraid it will make things complicated for normal users.
  • Soul Book
    1 - Thought so. I just keep getting mixed up with the terminology of cached, snapshot, etc... I just worry I'm going to keep forgetting to click the cache button! ;-)
    2 - Seems like it would be a good option for paid accounts. The ads on the diigo meta take up a lot of space, and it wouldn't really seem very professional to send a link like that. So for professionals and people using diigo seriously it'd be useful (i'd guess).
    3 - It might make things too complicated, but I'd have thought it would be good marketing sense. Offering bulk discounts and limited time offers is usually appealing to people. (I know when flickr launched they did a 2 years for the price of one for a limited time. And when Steam does limited time discounts/bundles their sales figures go through the roof. Marketing 101 i'd imagine. )

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