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Alexandre Deedler

Group features - 45 views

Greetings, Sorry to necro this topic, but I am very interested in finding a way to export all the bookmarks associated to a group and not a user. Does anyone know if there has been some progress in...

group premium features private cache


Premium or Basic plan - are these subscriptions? - 235 views

>>>>a) Can you please tell me how cancelling a subscription works? Is it just a mouse click somewhere in my Diigo account? You can go to your account setting and cancel your subscription with a mou...

diigo premium basic plan subscription

Tomas N

Uploads to Diigo caches from for Firefox: PNG versions are missing - 27 views

They moved the PNG snapshots to the toolbar under the 'capture' icon and renamed them to "capture entire page". If you look on the firefox extension changelog, its mentioned there (https://addons.m...

bug cache snapshot premium Mozilla Firefox gpd4

Maggie Tsai

Basic plan : no price for month ? - 37 views

I just would like to know why there no price for a month in basic plan only year , but if don't want to sign for a year ? Basic is the first step to try "bonus" plans , but sign for a year is...

suggestion Diigo premium basic sign price cost freemium tiered service

Soul Book

Questions about new pricing levels (Free, Basic, Premium) - 130 views

1 - Thought so. I just keep getting mixed up with the terminology of cached, snapshot, etc... I just worry I'm going to keep forgetting to click the cache button! ;-) 2 - Seems like it would be a g...

diigo question ideas premium basic price

Tyme 2.0

PREMIUM : alternative to no more SNAPSHOT : the counter - 223 views

so, the answer is basic plan

diigo suggestion premium snapshot

Sean Brady

Chrome and Adnroid - 35 views

Ok so I put down for a year as premium, mostly because I have gotten good value over the last several years. I will now be looking for enhanced development in the areas that I use the most which ar...

diigo chrome android premium

started by Sean Brady on 06 Sep 10 no follow-up yet

the price to "GO PREMIUM" - 263 views

ممنون برای مطلب و وب سایت مفیدتون باتشکر افزایش فالوور ایرانی اینستاگرام از وب سایت ما دیدن فرمایید ارائه خدمات افزایش فالوور اینستاگرام افزایش فالوور اینستاگرام ضمانت برگش...

premium price

Graham Perrin

Adding to multiple lists and groups - 149 views

This will be an upcoming paid premium feature. Otherwise, it could be too easily abused by spammer.

groups group lists suggestion premium list multiple 550954 956252 956297 958173 1043298 1755898

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