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Tyme 2.0

PREMIUM : alternative to no more SNAPSHOT : the counter - 223 views

diigo suggestion premium snapshot

started by Tyme 2.0 on 07 Sep 10
  • Tyme 2.0

    I understand that caching web page needs servers and servers need money, but when Diigo team disable snapshot/cached , they disable a big attractive point of Diigo !

    So Diigo becomes a ordinary bookmarker, it's business nonsense...

    Add counter to snapshots and offer free snapshots / month with basic Diigo

    only big consumers filling servers will need PREMIUM
  • E F
    Ugh. The removal of caching takes away what made Diigo useful. Time to go look for an open source alternative.
  • skbreck
    Agree with the points above. Caching is a major part of diigo's appeal. Yes, servers cost money; yes, diigo needs to make money. But the pricing is absurd, particularly when considering that there is no support or help, and bugs galore which often render key functionality unusable. I hope diigo management will reconsider and implement reasonable tiered pricing commensurate with its competition.
  • Joel Liu
    Hi All,
    We are listening your suggestion and will release a tiered pricing soon.
  • Tyme 2.0
    Joel ,
    we are wanting for a tiered pricing
    till then please reactive snapshot !
  • Tyme 2.0
    so, the answer is basic plan

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