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Mark -

RSS Feeds Not Accepted by Some Readers - 258 views

My feeds continue to fail Feed Validator especially when I have 2 tags selected T...

resolved rss tags feed groups bug

Suzannah Claire

Request | My Tools | My Feeds: list, categorize, tag, manage feeds - 96 views

This is not the case. If a bookmark is private, and then it is placed in a list, it will not show up in the RSS feed. If it is converted to public, than it WILL show up in the RSS feed. The only...

feeds lists my tools request rss rss-reader tag toolbar

Suzannah Claire

RSS Bug Report of Tags - 42 views

Thanks again Maggie! Let me know how it goes on this one too. maggie_diigo wrote: > Thanks! Looking into it now.

bugs rss tags bug

Wade Ren

RSS format - 51 views

I think it is a simple and clear improvement. Let's do it.

format layout rss

Maggie Tsai

Help with RSS, Groups AND Individual - 33 views

I am having a lot of trouble with RSS. I am planning to bring over 2-300 bookmarks into an organized fashion from blinklist, but I have to figure these things out. so i am going to keep my groups...

bookmark feeds groups rss

Graham Perrin

Why not add "Calendar" function to diigo? - 47 views

Subject: calendars arithwsun arithwsun wrote: > I wished that contains almost all functions of "google calendars", Keyword, VTODO: when I last checked, Google Calendar and the Google Calendar Da...

calendar timeline to-do reminder alarm RSS e-mail suggestion

Graham Perrin

RSS feed of unread bookmarks - 216 views

No separate feed in Diigo 4.0 beta. In the absence of RSS tailored to private unread bookmarks, I often apply the tag unread to bookmarks that are unread. RSS aside, compact view (...

tags unread tag RSS feed token suggestion

Vincent Tsao

Problem with RSS create by Diigo - 235 views

k, as Graham suggest, "please enable e-mail notification for that topic. " i will add a new post after i resolve this bug. thanks

bug rss-feed RSS group feed tag duplicate


RSS feed for unread bookmars - 227 views

It happened nearly a year ago, but I think that computer was somebody else's property, so I couldn't add bookmarks and extensions there.

tags unread tag RSS feed token suggestion

media net

Editing bookmarks and RSS-feed - 53 views

thanks dor reply! everything works fine for me now! francois

bugs RSS bug bookmark edit resolved thanks thank you

Anne Bubnic

How would I go about creating an RSS feed of each bookmark I add? FriendFeed use case - 264 views

Here is your solution: Create one common tag for every entry you make (in addition to your other tags). Then, go to group link roll and follow the directions. Where it says "retrieve only these ta...

bookmark friendfeed rss

Info Collector

rss limited to 20 entries - 199 views

RSS is still limited to 20 entries. I need to know if this will be fixed shortly, because I'm preparing to switch to Diggo completely but I can't do that with this limit! Could you at least change ...

googlereader rss

Wade Coleman

Group RSS feeds on specific tags - 35 views

You might like to change the ticket for that previously private group ;)

rss-feed groups tag tags bug help resolved


RSS feed for the Community Searches - 52 views

When you do a community search for the tag "eits2010", whole bunch of sites appear as long as one user has tagged those items with the desired tag. We do not offer RSS feed for community search cu...

RSS community search igoogle

Graham Perrin

Private bookmarks RSS feed - 370 views

No separate feed in Diigo 4.0 beta. In the absence of RSS tailored to private bookmarks, I often apply the tag private to bookmarks that are private. RSS aside, compact view (simple display m...

private bookmark RSS rss-feedtags tag feed token suggestion

davido T

CSV backup shows no annotations - 116 views

Unfortunately I got none of my highlights, using csv and rss a few minutes ago. This used to work actually. I have a csv export from Sept 07 that includes highlights. I hope this functionality will...



request: reset RSS on new comment - 22 views

> Meanwhile, please elaborate more on your usecase, so we can understand better your need. Thanks we read exclusively rss feeds, we never go to diigo groups page. we'like to chat on the page we ...

comments rss

Sharon Betts

Bad RSS link - 32 views

How about trying another list rss feed? I guess the rss parser in the blog doesn't fetch the new rss file.

rss-feed bug

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