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Michael Norton

Send to Blog with blog: Invalid API - 447 views

diigo wordpress blog API help resolved

started by Michael Norton on 11 Feb 10
  • Soul Book
    There were some diigo sticky notes on the Send to Blog / Auto Blog Post setup page that gave me some tips. I think I ended up having to use the MetaWebblg API as the Wordpress one doesn't work. But I don't remember clearly.
  • Michael Norton
    Thanks for the response, soulgrind, but the sticky notes aren't of any help. They all refer to a standalone WordPress installation. On, the XML-RPC and ATOM remote facilities are automatically enabled. What I don't know is how to fill in the End Point or Blog ID for a MetaWeblog implementation. Anyone else have any ideas?
  • Christy Tucker
    I use the MetaWeblog enabled log for my blog. Blog ID is the part of your domain before; for me, it's christytucker. If yours works the same as mine, the endpoint should be your URL/xmlrpc.php (e.g., Try that--hopefully it will work.
  • Soul Book
    Sorry. I was in a big rush last night, so i just posted what i could remember off the top of my head.
    I think Christy is right. I don't have a account, but on my blog the endpoint is I think the "blog id" is simply what you want to call it in diigo. For me i just entered "tomdot", but I don't remember if there was a particular reason for that. I think not.
    Good luck.
  • Michael Norton
    Christy's suggestion solved the problem. Thanks to both of you for the assist.

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