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Tim Hoeck

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diigo bug api application programming interface

started by Tim Hoeck on 10 Nov 09
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  • Graham Perrin
    @ Tim Hoeck

    Please enable e-mail subscription for
  • Graham Perrin
    Application for Android

    > a Diigo Android app

    Please enable e-mail notification for Diigo bookmarking application for Android phones available: DiigoDroid
  • Tim Hoeck
    I would suggest Diigo sets up an official API group where they could give us a status update and possibly provide us some support. At this point though, unless I can get confirmation otherwise, the API appears broke and/or incomplete. If that is the case and they aren't interested in providing updates to it, it's sort of pointless to support each other. I sent an email to as requested, but have not received a response.
  • Joel Liu
    Hi Tim,
    I am looking into the issue now.
  • Tim Hoeck
    If the above is supposed to work, it is still broke.
  • Tim Hoeck
    Public multi-tag searches also seem to return blank:
    returns entries that have the tag 'web'
  • yc c
    rows=50&tags=development,web -> API Limit Exceeded ?
  • Tim Hoeck
    API Limit Exceeded means you have made too many calls in the allotted time. I found it's around 7secs in between calls.
  • Graham Perrin
    > Other Filter Options (Unread… 

    Please enable e-mail notification for

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