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Soul Book

Enhancements for Post-to-blog and Auto-blog-post - 109 views

diigo blog auto autoblog suggestion feature

started by Soul Book on 11 Nov 09
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  • Soul Book
    I've been using diigo for ages for bookmarks, but i've just set up a blog so i wanted to try out the Post to blog and Auto-blog functions.

    Unfortunately the results don't seem all that useable. One problem is the (unfortunately common) one that the pages don't really have much help or guidance included in them. If it wasn't for other user's sticky notes i'd have never figured out how to set up a wordpress blog, and never known what half the boxes were for.

    But on a wider note, it'd be nice to have some more options:
    (a) Setting up the auto blog I can choose to include annotations or not, but if i select a lot of posts in my Diigo Library and choose "post to blog" then i seem to be unable to exclude the annotations... and a dozen huge annotations don't make a nice blog post.

    (b) It'd be nice if there was an option/way to turn diigo tags into blog tags.
    (c) and if there was an option to choose categories.
    (d) and if there was an option to include tags in the post, or not.
    (e) and if there was an option to include "list of links TO ANNOTATED PAGES"... so all the annotations don't get embedded in the blog.. but can be seen if they click the link to visit the page.

    (f) It'd be nice to be able to set up default text for the Auto Blog Post if i want, so i don't have to edit it each time to add "here are some things i found interesting this week:".

    All around, it seems like a great diigo feature that i wasn't even aware of. (there seem to be lots of those). But it seems mostly unusable right now.

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