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Sticky notes stuck on private - 18 views

It is due to your wrong workflow. When you create a note, please choose the designated group from the drop down menu and click the post button. Then all members of designated group can see these no...

sticky notes stuck private post


Make notes more powerfull + some feature requests - 26 views

I know Note keeping is not Diigos primary focus still I would like to see option to add attachments/images/media to Notes . Best UX example would be ToDo CheckBox in Note...

notes brainstorm

started by tehnopoint on 09 Dec 11 no follow-up yet
James Hagen

Bug - bullet and number lists in notes - 12 views

Bullet lists and numbered lists in rich text formatted Notes do not work in Library view (tested using Safari, Camino, Firefox and Chrome), even though the html source code is fine and displays per...

bug rich text format notes

started by James Hagen on 29 Oct 11 no follow-up yet

How to add additional note to "notes" in "my library"? (It's NOT about sticky notes!) - 26 views

As you can see,it is indicated in the following picture.

notes my library

Graham Perrin

Change Notes / Information for toolbar updates? - 27 views and show many discussions of change logs …

Toolbar version notes changenotes update duplicate change log changelog

Graham Perrin

Notes in Lists? Local Bookmark folders on the Quick Access Option? - 23 views

Whats going on? did a whole bunch of features suddenly happen? What are these mysterious "notes" in the Lists sections?

help notes lists Quick Access

Kevin Stecyk

Sticky Notes Page List - 31 views

AFAICT the preferences for hiding are limited to the Firefox profile where the preferences are set, not echoed to Diigo service. Rule of thumb: don't expect to find any browser-specific preferenc...

Sticky Notes Notes List help resolved

Anne McCormack

No option to hide all public sticky notes - 176 views

I there a way to hide or remove public sticky notes using the Diigolet with Safari (version 4.1.2)?

sticky notes annotation hide filter help resolved spam (electronic)


Floating sticky note from contextual mouse menu - 22 views

Problem solved Graham I had the last version of toolbar, but I have reinstalled it and the problem was solved

bug sticky notes bugs resolved

The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

Surreal - 25 views

As I was editing my profile, I saw this floating sticky note on the edit page, from Emily Yamsek: "stop talking to me, who are you?" Having never heard of Emily Yamsek up until this point, I ...

floating sticky notes

started by The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy on 21 Apr 09 no follow-up yet
Susanne Nobles

Deleting Sticky Notes/Highlight - 68 views

This is really helpful -- thanks. And indeed -- I am desperate as a teacher for an online annotating tool, and the delay in timing with Diigolet (that you just helped me see) is going to be a hind...

sticky notes delete highlight help Diigolet resolved

Joel Liu

How to add public sticky notes? - 92 views

1. Go to a webpage which is not a front page 2. Click the comment drop down menu, choose "Add a float sticky note to this page"

notes public sticky note

Mr. DiGi

Missing Floating/Sticky Notes icon - 63 views

After today's Toolbar update are icons back. Thanks! :-)

bug firefox notes sticky

Graham Perrin

Sticky notes can not be edited - 236 views

An earlier topic: (2007-05-22) Editing existing notes

edit notes suggestion performance


note formatting - must line breaks and everything be "squashed" together for me? - 34 views

My first example (on your #1 post) is shown without rich format text editing. Line spacing there seems to be preserved just fine. My Bookmarks area - will get that fixed.

format formatting line breaks notes

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