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Sharon Elin

Maintaining log in - 12 views

I have the diigo toolbar installed on Firefox and IE. With earlier versions, I stayed logged in to Diigo whenever I opened either browser, but now I must log in each time I open a browser. Can thi...

bug login Firefox cookie diigoandlogincookie thanks resolved thank you

Graham Perrin

Keychain Services Integration - add-on for Mozilla Firefox - 0 views

    In partial fulfilment of a 2001 request for enhancement to the Password Manager component of Mozilla: Julian Fitzell has released this experimental add-on for Firefox. A very long-awaited step closer to better integration between Firefox and the operating system!
    For Firefox 3.0 and greater on Mac OS X: an experimental add-on that effectively uses Keychain Services for storage and retrieval of passwords and related account information.
Graham Perrin

Question about API logins - 73 views

I messed up my own example, which uses a multiple word tag. Third time lucky:

api login httpauth greasemonkey firefox http-auth help application programming interface

Graham Perrin

Unable to login using Firefox Sign in - 23 views

Subject: Ramesh N wrote: > "" If it helps: according to >>... login firefox 3 bug

Graham Perrin

Login using Firefox-Plugin does not work - 151 views

Try: * *

Firefox Login Plugin bug

march j

error: openid-login lands on blank page - 66 views

Graham Perrin wrote: > Firefox 3.0.3 + Diigo + *.myOpenID - OK. yes you are right. thank you. mine does work again, too. thanks @diigo for fixing it. best regards, march.

openid login error firefox safari mac osx bug resolved

Joel Liu

Won't stay logged in - 127 views

Hi Rudy, What's your toolbar version? Did you use the diigo V3 toolbar? If not, please go to and install it. If you still experience problems, don't hesitate to report ...


Joel Liu

Login issue ~ Make sure you have the latest toolbar installed! - 43 views

A few users have reported sign-in problem. Most likely it's due to the fact that somehow your system prevents a proper auto-update. If that's the case, we'd recommend that you re-install the latest...

login toolbar

Joel Liu

Stay logged in - 88 views

Could you be more helpful? Why in the world would a router be blocking the diigo toolbar, and how does one give diigo permission? Maggie Tsai wrote: > You have the latest toolbar. Any firewall? ...


Daniel Gauthier

"Sign in" - a small request - 18 views

When trying to sign in via toolbar, we are taken to Diigo's website and must click on sign in again to try to sign in. Could the Diigo Toolbar 3 perhaps include one less sign in link?

login signing

started by Daniel Gauthier on 06 Nov 07 no follow-up yet
Joel Liu

Drop - 31 views

After you edited sticky note, the system could sign you out. This is a known problem. We will release a version to fix this bug. Thanks.

bug drop login logout signin signout

Joel Liu

auto-logout after set time - 26 views

The previous user scenario was for work/home usage. However, we are considering your use case. This feature maybe implemented later. Thanks.

login logout

Maggie Tsai

HELP: bookmarking pages requiring a login - 26 views

We're aware of this - it's on our to-do list to see if we can improve on the cache area and address this issue. Search in forum - also on our to-do list. We welcome and appreciate our users'...

cache discussion login

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