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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Adam Skinner

Adam Skinner

Learn Screenwriting through professional screenplays - 2 views

  • a 40 year old knight
    • Adam Skinner
      Okay, he's not a knight, because he doesn't have a Ser before his name and he's a Northman who holds to the old gods.
  • death by
  • beheading of a prominent knight
    • Adam Skinner
      This is the deserters from the Wall?  Never calls knights (and hardly anybody on the wall is prominent), but "Black Brothers".
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • There’s something broken about this ma
    • Adam Skinner
      It's interesting that he should say that.  You don't get this impression by reading the novels at all.  Eddard isn't some angst-filled guy.  If anything, he's stalwart!  He doesn't want to leave his family, or the north, to go back to King's Landing and play the game of thrones.
  • Eddard’s oldest son
    • Adam Skinner
      Another misconception.  Rob is the eldest, whereas Jon is younger (we assume; in reality I suppose he's older, if we consider Jon [SPOILER]to be the son of Eddard's sister and the Targaryan heir.[/SPOILER]).
Adam Skinner

Custom Search not working - 64 views

bug custom search
started by Adam Skinner on 28 Oct 09 no follow-up yet
  • Adam Skinner
    I noticed a little while ago that my custom search settings aren't working, and have been replaced by the stock set. Going to shows my custom stuff, and saving this and trying again didn't help. Nor did logging in again.
Adam Skinner

Highlight tags - 31 views

started by Adam Skinner on 28 Oct 08 no follow-up yet
  • Adam Skinner
    I was going over a page on my own personality type, and highlighting sections of the page to indicate that these statements applied to me. I'd like to be able to tag certain highlights with "agree" or "disagree". This is a more general implementation of your basic digg-style "thumbs up" motif.
Adam Skinner

ENHANCEMENT request: RSS item timestamping - 14 views

change enhancement request
started by Adam Skinner on 20 Jul 07 no follow-up yet
  • Adam Skinner
    Awesome! Thanks Joel! It works great.

    joel wrote:
    > adamskinner:
    > We added pubDate in the RSS feed. Please check it.
    > Thanks for your patient.

Strange tag named "no_tag" - 61 views

bug tag
started by magobaol on 08 May 07 no follow-up yet
  • Adam Skinner
    I have this problem as well. You can see the items in my public bookmarks by searching for 'no_tag' as a tag.
    magobaol wrote:
    > No news? :-(
    > Ciao,
    > Francesco
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