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Soul Book

Diigo search results in ORDINARY google search results? - 275 views

diigo search suggestion toolbar integration google bing

started by Soul Book on 07 Sep 10
  • Soul Book
    Sorry for many posts, but the going premium thing reminded me about diigo, which i'd slightly forgotten recently.

    It seems to me the main reason i'd forgotten it is that it's not well integrated into ordinary browsing actions.

    The diigo results in the diigo+google results are very useful. But I access google results from many places. From the awesomebar, from my new tab page, from links/connections in other sites, from inside gmail, etc..
    This means that, unless I happen to search from the diigo toolbar (which i only do if i remember i have a relevant bookmark), I never see the diigo results. And so I forget about them.

    What would be much more useful would be to insert the diigo results into ALL google search results pages.
    Web of trust and stumbleupon seem to be able to do this. SO when i use those services I DON'T USE those services. I use google, and those services just appear.
    With diigo I have to make the concious choice - should i search via diigo or via the usual method.

    (for the same reason, it's be nice if diigo was more integrated into the firefox bookmarks button/dialog - but that's another topic)

    (also, is there a way via the API to access the search results that are embedded into diigo+google? If there is then I could have another go at writing a firefox extension to do it).
  • klarezz
    Thank you Soul Book, I second your request! But since it's an old post and the feature is still missing, I'm wondering if you could find another way to integrate diigo with google...
  • Gary Edwards
    Diigo's walled off and closed in method is one of biggest drawbacks of using Diigo. In my case i use Diigo to collect volumes of commented bookmarks. I make heavy use of both the lists and groups, as well as keywords (tags). I also "share" extensively and export to blogs and Delicious. This works well for targeted access and sharing. But it's not like getting listed in a Google search. Not even close.

    Consider this situation. Google searches are based in part on the quality of links to a page. My Diigo bookmarks would fall into the "quality link" category, if Diigo wan't a closed off site. If the different topic views i can generate in Diigo were also used to reinforce a Google search chain of "quality links", the views and opinions of like thinkers and those who share my values and interests would explode across the Web. But only if Diigo opened up their members public posts and lists to Google.

    Simply put, Diigo is out of step with how the Web works, and why it's so valuable. Part of that value is that people you don't know, who are totally unaware of your existence let alone your values and interests, can find you through Google. Sure, that makes Google critically important to the future of the Web. But it would also make Diigo critically important. Primarily because Diigo has excellent tools that, if Google enabled, could fully leverage the Web with a minimum of effort.

    Look at this through the Facebook lens. Usin friends and likes, Facebook has created an Über web coonectivity experience. Why is it that Diigo failed to do the same with bookmarks shared amongst the like minded? A Diigo Friends and Likes joined through the shared interest in issues and topics - which grow by leaps and bounds through bookmark connectivity?

    Take out Google, and Diigo remains a walled off community of people who already know each other. Truly a Facebook level opportunity missed. For all of us.

  • Stephen Boyle
    I agree with Gary that providing higher visibility you will create a larger awareness in your target markets by revealing results to those whom have not seen the tool. Ultimately putting search results that are highly relative to the person browsing based on information shared by their publicly shared contacts shows the strength of the tool. Then those that are ignorant to knowing it exists have the chance to see it and choose to adopt it (thus growing the number of people using Diigo).
  • João Paz
    In Chrome there is an option on Diigo toolbar to search also Diigo when making google searches (altough only showng number of results and wehave to open diigo to see them) but not in Firefox. Wonder why?

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