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khirnhup yeo

Changing group tags - 128 views

Tag limit? What tag limit? Please tell. Thanks.

groups tags change

Graham Perrin

Change Notes / Information for toolbar updates? - 27 views and show many discussions of change logs …

Toolbar version notes changenotes update duplicate change log changelog

Graham Perrin

Color of toolbar bookmark icon not changing - 10 views

Nevermind. I have realized that if a bookmark is marked private, it does not show as already bookmarked or turn red when I view it. The public ones work.

bug resolved worksforme diigo toolbar icon red pink color change button public private Mozilla Firefox

Graham Perrin

Change log for Diigolet 3.1b523 - 13 views

Resolved; I'm no longer bothered about seeing a log of changes to Diigolet, it's only part of the bigger picture. I do still like the idea of a services change log. Cross referencing: ...

resolved Diigolet 3.1b523 changelog change log 552532 956718 956654 586543

Graham Perrin

Changleog - 26 views

Please add to a reference to the log. Thanks. PostScript: in the meantime I see thanks to Joel.

change suggestion resolved

Maggie Tsai

Changing my username - 276 views

Sorry -- username is one field that we cannot change. It affects too many fields in the database, so we alert users to choose it very carefully and no change policy. Sorry!

change username

Adam Skinner

ENHANCEMENT request: RSS item timestamping - 14 views

Awesome! Thanks Joel! It works great. joel wrote: > adamskinner: > We added pubDate in the RSS feed. Please check it. > Thanks for your patient.

change enhancement request

Joel Liu

re Bookmark corruption - 17 views

alexl01 wrote: > On several occasion the bookmarks I see from the drop down menu of the tool bar of my firefox browser are different to those I see when I click on my Diigo at this site. === >W...

bookmark change corruption password

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