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Soul Book

Change Notes / Information for toolbar updates? - 27 views

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started by Soul Book on 20 Dec 09
  • Russell Cohen
    I'm not sure I follow. If you go to Tools, Add-ons, Extensions you can see the Diigo Toolbar version, as well as whether a later version is available (but see also my earlier post, link below).
    Latest version of Diigo Toolbar | Diigo Groups
  • Soul Book
    But when a new version is available, I can't see any information on it. I can't see what has changed before I install it.

    When you update extensions there is a "show information" button in the bottom right of the window, it tells you what you are about to change. Diigo doesn't provide this information.
  • Russell Cohen
    OK, yes, I see what you mean. If there's an official representative from Diigo around, I think this should be included on the "wishlist" for the next release.
  • Russell Cohen
    If anyone on the Diigo support team wants to see what this Topic refers to, please see the screen dumps here:
  • Graham Perrin
    > if diigo toolbar updates for firefox included some update information

    Please enable e-mail notification for the following topics: (2008-03-29) presumably relating to locally installed versions of Diigo (2008-11-13) relating to remote Diigo services
  • Graham Perrin

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