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Tyme 2.0

No more image in some manually "cached" bookmark ! ...why ? - 31 views

well .. I see in my " Cached page I uploaded" 2 links : - webpage : no image - screenshot : with image please explain why / how does it work ( ? ) ( I'm lost ! )

Diigo snapshot cached image bug


Capture Feature - 34 views

Yeah, I get that. But how likely is it that the part of the page I want is max. 800x600 (or whatever your screen resolution is)? For instance, I wanted to make a capture of an article, without the ...

capture snapshot image

Tomas N

Uploads to Diigo caches from for Firefox: PNG versions are missing - 27 views

They moved the PNG snapshots to the toolbar under the 'capture' icon and renamed them to "capture entire page". If you look on the firefox extension changelog, its mentioned there (https://addons.m...

bug cache snapshot premium Mozilla Firefox gpd4

Tyme 2.0

PREMIUM : alternative to no more SNAPSHOT : the counter - 223 views

so, the answer is basic plan

diigo suggestion premium snapshot


Search in Snapshot not working - 33 views

I am looking into this issue.

bug assigned search snapshot


Can't snapshot using Diigolet on Explorer - 24 views

Diigolet does not have the feature of snapshot. It's a simplified edition of diigo toolbar. Can you download other extensions successfully? BTW,what's the download software you use? We cannot repro...

Diigolet Explorer Snapshot

Noel Reid

V5: 'More Options' drop-down when bookmarking a webpage - 6 views

V5's not so new any more but I had to register my disappointment at now having to click the 'More Option's link to be able to add a bookmark to a list or take a snapshot etc. I was wondering why le...

v5 bookmarking more options add to a list snapshot

started by Noel Reid on 02 Aug 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Snapshots not working - 20 views

> See For me, too, presents no content for the 2010-06-23 robot cached copy.

Diigo Snapshot Help


Archiving expanded Facebook pages - 6 views

I've just installed Diigo in hopes that it will allow me to archive/snapshot a very long Facebook page in its entirety, fully expanded. Facebook, after there are two comments to a post, hides many ...

facebook archive snapshot

started by teschek on 13 May 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

PNG version missing from some snapshots - 8 views

Again, this bug seems to be easily reproducible: PNG missing from and from

bug priority Mozilla Firefox snapshot PNG

Graham Perrin

Mangled snapshot, text skewed over itself, page not displaying properly - 9 views looks better. The strikethrough apparent at

snapshot HTML help strikethough

Graham Perrin

Sharing a snapshot - 31 views

> snapshot image … on my blog If your blog service does not allow uploading of images, I should recommend an image sharing service. FWIW I'm very pleased with the feature set, and integration, of ...

screenshot snapshot

Noel Reid

How do I search for bookmarks that have snapshots taken/attached? - 16 views

Thanks Graham, that'll have to do for the time being.

snapshot snapshots search

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