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Adam Skinner

Custom Search not working - 64 views

bug custom search

started by Adam Skinner on 28 Oct 09
  • Adam Skinner
    I noticed a little while ago that my custom search settings aren't working, and have been replaced by the stock set. Going to shows my custom stuff, and saving this and trying again didn't help. Nor did logging in again.
  • Soul Book
    yeah. me too. hadn't used them for the last few days so i hadn't noticed.
  • Fenman .
    Ouch! That would be a real shame. It's one I use a heck of a lot on a daily basis. It's really my only reason for keeping the Diigo toolbar. Pretty please...

    Oh, and if you were to make it a premium feature, I'd pay.
  • Fenman .
    Most excellent. Thanks so much. I'll need to re-install.

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