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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Michael Norton

Michael Norton

Send to Blog with blog: Invalid API - 445 views

diigo wordpress blog API help resolved
  • Michael Norton
    Thanks for the response, soulgrind, but the sticky notes aren't of any help. They all refer to a standalone WordPress installation. On, the XML-RPC and ATOM remote facilities are automatically enabled. What I don't know is how to fill in the End Point or Blog ID for a MetaWeblog implementation. Anyone else have any ideas?
  • Michael Norton
    Christy's suggestion solved the problem. Thanks to both of you for the assist.
Michael Norton

Posting to a Drupal Blog - 119 views

drupal blog diigo bug
  • Michael Norton
    I cannot add a Drupal blog. I receive the error message "Invalid API". I am able to post to Drupal via other remote facilities, such as Windows Live Writer, Word, etc. Anyone have any ideas?
  • Michael Norton
    Never mind... I found the answer from Zach Harkey in a sticky note on the instructions page. I'm copying them below for anyone else who encounters this problem.

    Blog Type/Service: MetaWeblogAPI Enabled Blog
    Blog Id: Set this to a single content type (e.g., story)
    Your Blog URL:
    Blog Name:
    Be sure to enable the BlogAPI module and set proper permissions for the user account matching the Username and Password entered here.
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