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Webtwo Dozent

Diigo-Button in Firefox Navigation-Bar / Version 5.1.016 - 106 views

firefox diigo toolbar

started by Webtwo Dozent on 19 Jan 11
  • Webtwo Dozent
    Diigo-Toolbar was updated this morning to version 5.1.016.
    Now there's a big, fat Diigo-Button in my navigation-bar, which can't be moved.
    I don't need this button twice!
  • nybwang
    Can't agree more. It wouldn't even allow me to relocate it to other position as other tool buttons do. A big turn-off indeed.
  • anarchius
    Bump! Looks horrible, serves no purpose, and does _not_ go with my theme. Please roll-back!!
  • Daniel Gauthier
    If you right-click to customize, you can drag the Diigo icon out.

    (Definitely is not discreet in comparaison with Firefox 4 default theme).
  • anarchius
    Tried doing that. It feels like it is responding to my drag, but once I release the mouse, it just stays put. Can neither take it off nor move it within the toolbar itself.
  • sandy_diigo
    We have noticed this bug and it will be fixed in two days.
  • Daniel Gauthier
    Thanks Sandy!

    It's nice to see that it works quite well with latest Firefox betas. :)
  • Soul Book
    Any chance of including a small version of the diigo button. I have "small icons" turned on in furefox, and all the icons are small (firefox, evernote, stumbleupon, hootsuite, amplify, etc..) EXCEPT diigo - which just displays the usual big icon.
    (they also integrate better with themes, as they seem to allow borders - the diigo one doesn't. )

    I actually like having the icon, as I hide my diigo toolbar by default (it's not needed). But it used to be repositionable, and it does need a small version.
  • anarchius
    Just installed the latest The Diigo button can now be moved and takes off the toolbar. Thank you Diigo team - for the quick turnaround!

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