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Maggie Tsai

New Uservoice Channels available - 75 views

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started by Maggie Tsai on 15 Sep 10
  • Tyme 2.0
    Great !

    Will you move the thread if we forget to post in these channels ? ( as moderator )
  • Graham Perrin
    Jaakko Helleranta wrote:

    > I like UV more. Maybe it's less clutter.

    Me too, I'm enjoying the cleanliness of the UserVoice UI.

    (No tags, no smilies, no double or triple smilies, no explanations of mood …  just sensible minimalist use of search + categorisation.)
  • Soul Book
    The focus of Uservoice does indicate some of the weak points of Diigo groups. (the fact they couldn't be used for this purpose, for one thing).

    I rather like uservoice, but it is focused almost entirely on Ideas/Feedback - which it does well. I think it's adoption is a good idea. But I hope diigo can learn a few things from it when it comes to making their own groups a little more user friendly. Not to say they should copy it entirely, as diigo groups have a different purpose.

    I think, in general, the compact display works better for the forum topics. Seeing all the tags and avatars isn't really needed. (and because they show the avatar of the last poster, rather than the thread starter, you often see a dozen of the same person. This might work better for smaller groups, but not really for a big group like this.).

    There's lots of ways they could improve the forums, but i don't have time to think about it in detail now. Splitting topics and bookmarks into seperate columns. Making the avatar of the first poster, but with a smaller sub avatar and summary of the last post in the thread. Having threads open inline like bookmark comments. Hiding the tags, except on mouseover. A dashboard that shows you any replies. The ability to ask Questions and mark them as answered. The ability to filter forums by language. Having bookmarks display with a mini thumbnail rather than the poster's avatar. etc...
  • Graham Perrin
    I'm very screenshot-oriented, so my contributions to the how-to forum will be limited.

    I hope that is completed, before too long, by developers of UserVoice.

    Whenever UserVoice doesn't fit the bill, I'll happily continue in this Diigo group :-)
  • Graham Perrin
    Being fairly dyslexic, I rely heavily on the ability to **edit my content**. I rarely spot mistakes before I post, no matter how hard I try.

    Inability to edit and (worse) inability to delete a topic and (worst) inability to post or follow in UserVoice is causing me increasing frustration. YMMV. Reluctantly, and *without disrespect* to Diigo team and community:

    — I'll probably continue in this group for most things.
  • Maggie Tsai
    Thanks for everyone's feedback. Your comments are noted.

    Indeed Uservoice and Diigo group forums are designed with a different purpose in mind. As we all use more, some useful enhancements will be evaluated against our other development priorities.

    Graham, thanks very much for all your kind help. Your attention to detail is amazing and very much appreciated.

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