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cuttingedge -

Sidebar wordWrap Annotations - 68 views

Hi guys, any progress on this? I think this is fairly easy to do and would be quite useful. I'm also a programmer so if you want some help or want me to implement it let me know. Arrix Z wrote:...

features sidebar

Ellen H.

Sidebar: Refresh button - 98 views

Thanks! *blush* Believe me, I'm getting everybody I can into this--Diigo rocks. We will take over the internet, one delicious user at a time! Question-why are both instances of "There is a quick t...


Graham Perrin

Diigo sidebar for Safari/WebKit - 1161 views

Subject: shifting focus away from the limited notion of a sidebar within WebKit-based browsers For the record, my thoughts over the past two months have shifted: * from integration (impro...

safari webkit suggestion review 20091130 gpd4

Mr. DiGi

Firegestures: Get Scripts - 0 views

    Control your Diigo Toolbar and add bookmarks by mouse gestures with Firegestures.
    Drag these links to Firegestures Scrips window: Diigo Show/Hide Sidebar Diigo Show/Hide Toolbar Diigo One-Click Save Diigo Bookmark This Diigo Email to... Diigo Collect Flash Sidebar controls: Diigo Bookmars Diigo Readers Diigo Annotations Diigo Add page Comment Diigo Friends Diigo Show bookmakrs/Hide Sidebar Diigo Search selected text in Sidebar
Primus Luta

Firefox Sidebar Bug - 56 views

After some tests. Seems there's a conflict between diigo and dropio plugins which cause it. disabling dropio gets everything back on course. Arrix Z wrote: > Thanks for reporting. Your sidebar c...

firefox3 sidebar

Graham Perrin

Couple of v4 toolbar issues - not all buttons showing, search - 39 views

still no results in plain text searches. but i never use the sidebar, only the toolbar.

bug sidebar search toolbar Firefox buttons

Joel Liu

Share my comments on highlighting - 51 views

Tim V wrote: > I'm not sure if this has been covered, but why can't my highlights show up in cached versions of pages? This would be particularly useful with articles that drop into subscription-o...


Tools for Google Chrome? - 1520 views

It is working here perfectly.

chrome google_chrome Opera sidebar toolbar suggestion

Joel Liu

What happened to the Filtered Toolbar menu? - 140 views

Hi all, The quick access filter feature is already available, please try it.

filter toolbar

Joel Liu

What's missing in v.3 … - 114 views

Thanks for all your input. You have good points. We are focusing on fixing bugs now. However we will consider all suggestions in the Diigo V3 improvement plan. For blinklist bookmarking, I exp...

nadege austin

Show tags in sidebar's bookmarks - 81 views

Hi Graham, I have seen your different answers about the tags in the sidebar. I have to go with the users who would like to see this feature. I agree that the page is more powerful, but I...

tag-related sidebar bookmark tag related tags help suggestion cloud

Graham Perrin

Show group shared tags in sidebar - 7 views

> show page-related tags that apply in groups of which you are a member. I wonder whether this will be a feature of Diigo Meta, when group meta views are given …

review sidebar tag group share suggestion meta Diigolet cloud gpd4

Graham Perrin

meta: present page comments in collapsible/expandable sidebar whilst preview is awaited... - 8 views

Observations In Diigo Meta: whilst we wait for the preview to load, the white space is wasted. Criticism In Diito Meta: the small area below the preview is far too small for reasonable treatmen...

suggestion meta sidebar page comment preview load wait gpd4

jc perl

Tags not working - 236 views

Excellent! Thank you very much! Graham Perrin wrote: > At Joel wrote: > > > All bookmarks can be retrieved though tags.

tags-related Ubuntu CAPTCHA sidebar tag bug resolved

Joel Liu

Unread bookmarks in Diigo Sidebar and Toolbar - 40 views

We will add a unread button on the toolbar later.

Soul Book

FR: Sidebar links have "edit" link - 66 views

not too often. Only if i realise i've made a mistake. Its not a hugely important feature for me. (and I've just realised I can click on the "my bookmarks" link under the toolbar to get the list o...

feature request sidebar sometime useful

Graham Perrin

Way to list tags in digo sidebar? - 139 views

A number of topics bear the tag: help does include this topic. At a glance, the majority of topics tagged in this way do have at least one reply. ...

sidebar Firefox tag delicious find search help

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