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Soul Book

Too many different apps? - 49 views

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started by Soul Book on 06 Mar 11
  • Soul Book
    I like the idea of the monthly newsletter, particularly if it means some progress on improving diigo and new features - but it highlighted for me that recently the diigo team seems to be working on about 10 different apps/extensions on about 5 different platforms.... and there seems to be little connection in terms of features, names, appearance, etc..

    The quick note extension and the read later extension both sound interesting - but they appear to be chrome only, and there is nothing similar on firefox - yet a lot of firefox features seem missing on chrome.
    And the iphone/ipad/android apps have other names and feature sets as well.

    I realise this may be somewhat unavoidable - but it's also kind of frustrating and confusing. I'm a FF user.. and i've been using the diigo toolbar for years now, so it'd be nice to think i'd get to use some of these features sometime soon.

    There STILL seems to be no way to make a note from the FF toolbar!

    PS/ how come the google/apple apps all look so much better than FF / vanilla diigo? :-(
  • sandy_diigo
    We have a set of projects for Firefox undergoing.Some similar extensions have been released.
    Read Later
    Quick Note
    Awesome screenshot
    Hope to hear any feedback from you.If you like them,please give us 5-stars.
    As you know,we have tried hard to keep pushing ourselves forward. We are continuously optimizing our apps. Welcome to post any suggestions on how to improve FF add-ons/apps to "uservoice". Adjustments and improvements will be made to them based on votes and inputs from users.
    We'd like to roll out products which can be adapted to platforms as much as possible.Meanwhile,we have limited bandwidth.We have to focus on some tasks scheduled with higher priority.
    As for the IOS, we will get similar apps started immediately when we have handled issues on the top of our project list.Please stay tuned.

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