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Ellen Hrebeniuk

Where to find information on Lists? - 22 views

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started by Ellen Hrebeniuk on 11 Nov 09
  • Ellen Hrebeniuk
    I'm a newbie and cannot find anything in Help on the purpose of lists. In fact, the whole Help section seems very light on why-tos rather than how-tos.

    The situation is: I am working on a new project. Should I just bookmark things "#projectname" and set them to private? Would using Lists help me in any way here?
  • yc c
    Why don't you try doing both?
    The lists are quit nice for shearing a group of bookmarks: it enable to create a webslide, get it's own RSS feed, and set privacy (even if the bookmarks are public in your library)
  • Soul Book
    I think they would, as they have already put sticky notes on most of the pages.

    As you said, i think one of the main problems is the DISCONNECT between the help and the functionality.
    A better help section with more links, and more reasons why would be good.

    But i think the main thing that's needed is more help ON THE PAGES THEMSELVES. Lots of pages have features, settings, textboxes, etc, but many of them have no real explanation of
    (a) what exactly they do
    (b) what they are for
    (c) what entries are valid
    (d) examples.

    Diigo has so much functionality, but it's all spread around, and a lot of it has lots of obscure options and terms. Some nice ajax style help boxes would be great.

    This version of diigo has improved things in some ways by merging some similar features. But diigo still has a lot of functionality with similar, and sometimes inconsistently named terms. (eg: highlights, sticky notes, annotations, descriptions, etc...).
  • Soul Book
    I'm not sure the information exists, and i doubt you'll get an official answer. But I'll throw out my opinion.

    If you're a flickr user, then I'd say tags = tags, and lists = albums.
    Or if you think in terms of mp3s, I'd say tags is the metadata (genre, composer, year, etc..) and lists is the groupings. (albums / playlists).

    So it seems to me that tags describe the bookmark. Lists are arbitrary collections of bookmarks.
    So, for example:
    Apple (Fruit, Round, Green, Healthy)
    Orange (Fruit, Round, Orange, Healthy)
    Icecream (Food, Desert, Sweet, Soft, Unhealthy).

    List of favorite foods (Orange, Icecream).
    List of things for party (Orange, Icecream, CDs, Dress, ...)

    Of course, there's nothing at all stopping you tagging Apple, Orange and Icecream with "favorite things". So there's a huge amount of crossover between the two, and it's rather up to you how you choose to use them.

    If you'd like to have a look, here's one of my tags:
    and one of my lists:
    as you can see, tags might be more useful for searching, combining, sorting, etc.
    the list can't be combined/filtered quite like tags, but it can be "played" and shared a little better.

    Lists also seem to allow you to add Sections and Notes, but i don't use those. It seems as if users might be able to share a list and add to it collaboratively, but i don't use that either. Both have an RSS feed, and are in practice pretty similar.

    That's my impression of lists... ;-)

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