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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Oliver S.

Rajesh Candamourty

Remove a person from a group? - 37 views

started by Rajesh Candamourty on 07 Oct 10 no follow-up yet
  • Oliver S.
    As the group moderator, you should have an option called "Manage members" on the right-hand side of your group post view. Click there and you will get get a list all members. If you do not see this list, click on the tab "All Members". Check the member you would like to remove and click on the button "Remove this member". You are done.

cached copies available for export? - 87 views

export diigo cache
  • Oliver S.
    See here for example for a discussion on this topic:

    I think the option to export ALL cached copies from Diigo would cause an enormous traffic on Diigo servers, so I guess that would or could be a problem. Exporting a few selected cached pages however should be doable (but is not implemented yet and I don't know whether it will be).
  • Oliver S.
    Jim Jee wrote in a related thread:
    >Another possibility is to provide a hook to some other Firefox / Explorer extension that already saves pages offline (e.g. Scrapbook for Firefox), and just synchronize the actions on Diigo with the local directory saved by the extension.

    I wouldn't know how to do that with Firefox and ScrapBook - I mean automatically keeping ScrapBook and Diigo in sync. Anyone got any ideas?
Oliver S.

Adding related tags for refining search: plus symbol not visible - 45 views

adding related tag refine search symbol advertisement firewall suggestion Firefox Internet Explorer
  • Oliver S.
    Diigo allows adding related tags to a search by clicking on them. There is the choice between clicking on the tag itself, which starts a search for bookmarks with that tag alone, and - in previous versions - clicking on the plus symbol in front of the tag, which adds the tag to the current search. By doing this, I am able to refine my search continuously. I think you now know what I am talking about.

    In Diigo v3, there was a plus symbol in front of the tag as already mentioned above. At first, I thought this feature was missing in Diigo v4. However, it is actually there, it is just not easy to find because there is no plus symbol or any other symbol in front of the related tags. Instead, there is just some blank white space in front of the tag, which needs to be clicked for the tag to be added to the search.

    So, my suggestion is to add some kind of symbol in front of the related tags again, which shows that clicking there adds the tag to the search instead of replacing the current search tag.

    Or is this just my Web browsers? I tried with Firefox 3.5 and Internet Explorer 8.0 and couldn't see any symbol in front of the related tags.
  • Oliver S.
    Your screenshot shows exactly what I was expecting. Instead this is what I get:
    Free Image Hosting at

  • Oliver S.
    That was it. I installed a clean version of Firefox in parallel and the problem was gone. Now I need to find out which of my numerous extensions causes this problem.
    Thanks for the tip and thanks for fixing my ImageShack URL.
Peter Pan

Advanced search removed? - 222 views

resolved advanced_search feature search-feature search help syntax
started by Peter Pan on 18 Jan 09 no follow-up yet
  • Oliver S.
    The "Advanced search" is back in Diigo v4.0. You can find it at:

    You can also find a link to the "Advanced search" in Diigo after you selected one of the first three options under "Suggestions for further search". The second time "Suggestions for further search" is displayed, you will see a link to the "Advanced search".

    P.S.: Besides, all "Advanced Search Operators" are nicely summarized here.
Graham Perrin

group: most active members: unexpected departure from group - 12 views

group UI GUI suggestion activity contribution member face avatar portlet gpd4
started by Graham Perrin on 01 Oct 09 no follow-up yet
  • Oliver S.
    So, what you suggest is that what happens after clicking on "View ...'s content in group" should become the default for clicking onto the member's avatar/photo?

Allowing minimal html in the forum text - 208 views

feature forum suggestion HTML text format code hyperlink link colour sticky note annotate markup wiki textile Trac WMD WYSIWYG WYSIWYM
  • Oliver S.
    Inserting hyperlinks into forum posts is already possible as you can see for example here and here. But it requires using HTML code, so it is not very convenient.

    And text formatting is possible too by using HTML code. Of course, rich text editing similar to the way it can be done within sticky notes would be better.
  • Oliver S.
    iplnts, I am glad I could help you a little bit.

    iplnts wrote:
    > Hi ollitolli!
    >You are an adept. ( I can see from your profile we can have some common interest on another fields too:))
    >Many thanks, for your tip!
John Faig

Common Bookmarks - 25 views

common stuff suggestion help orientation
started by John Faig on 13 Mar 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin liked it
divyesh kokani

I am furl user, Need help - 42 views

furl chrome
started by divyesh kokani on 19 Mar 09 no follow-up yet

How to bookmark multiple links? - 455 views

duplicate JavaScript bookmarks bookmark post tab multiple help suggestion
  • Oliver S.
    There is no such feature (yet). The fastest ways to bookmark web pages are
    * the One-click save button (takes just one single mouse click per web page)
    * the keyboard shortcut assigned to the One-click save function
    * the "Read Later" button.

    Using these options it shouldn't take long to bookmark even quite a lot of open tabs in Firefox.
  • Oliver S.
    That's what I thought was the real issue: being able to assign the same tag to all simultaneously opened tabs in one single step.

    I don't know if such a feature will be implemented into a future version of Diigo. What you could use as a workaround (or the next best alternative solution) would be this:
    1) Go to "One-click Save Options..." and temporarily replace the default tag, which is "to-be-tagged", with the tag (or tags) that would like to use for your currently opened set of tabs in Firefox.
    2) Now you can quickly bookmark all open tabs and simultaneously assign them the desired tag(s).
    3) After you are done, re-set the "One-click" tag to the default tag or set it to the desired tag(s) for another set of tabs.
brette lockyer

Import from Internet Explorer - 130 views

bookmarks favorites import internet explorer
started by brette lockyer on 06 Oct 08 no follow-up yet
  • Oliver S.
    Well, you could be a little more elaborate with your questions or requests.

    Anyway, I suppose what you mean is whether or how bookmarks (favorites) can be imported from Internet Explorer.

    Importing bookmarks from Internet Explorer (IE) is possible in two ways:

    1) If you don't have the Diigo toolbar for IE installed, you can export your favorites from IE as a bookmark.htm file (which is an older Netscape/Firefox format). Then, in Diigo go to "Import bookmarks" - > "Import from browser" and select the exported file for import.

    2) If you have the Diigo toolbar for IE, it is even easier: In the toolbar, click on the Diigo button, in the appearing drop-down menu click on "Import Bookmarks ...", then just select all the favorites/bookmarks that you would like to import into Diigo and confirm. That's it.
Ellen H.

excluding tags from search results - 275 views

question request searching tags syntax boolean help
  • Oliver S.
    Yes, there is a way to exclude tags from search results. The advanced search is somewhat hidden now. It used to be more easily accessible in previous versions of Diigo. See this reply here from me to find out how to get to the advanced search:

    Once you are in the advanced search field, you can use boolean operators.

    For example, if you would like to get results that contain tag A and B but not tag C, then you could achieve this by any of the following methods:

    a) Write tag:(tag A AND tag B NOT tag C) in the advanced search field and click "Search".
    b) Open the collapsible menu by clicking on "Advanced" next to the "Search" button.
    Then enter into the field named "with the words in Tags":
    tag A and tag B NOT tag C
    and click "Search".

    Note that if you use multi-word tags, you have to use quotation marks in your search too. I didn't use those in the above examples because tag A, tag B, tag C can be anything.
  • ...1 more comments...
  • Oliver S.
    Emanuele Rusconi wrote:
    > That would be good news, but I just tried the feature and it's buggy: the results are correct,
    > I think, but only a subset of the related tags is shown, and it doesn't work with tags starting with "-".

    Hmmm, I couldn't reproduce the problem with the results only showing a subset of related tags, which of course doesn't mean that a different set of tags can cause that problem.

    Another thing: Can you give me an example of a tag starting with a hyphen? I can't think of one, because I only have hyphens within tags but never in front of them.

    > And even if it worked it would fall into my "inelegant solution" category.
    > To be really useful it should be implemented as buttons aside the related tags,
    > the same way "AND" is currently managed (of course boolean constructors in the search
    > field would be a nice plus, anyway).

    Yes, I agree, that would be very useful.
  • Oliver S.
    Emanuele Rusconi wrote:
    > Oliver S. wrote:
    > > Another thing: Can you give me an example of a tag starting with a hyphen? I can't think of one, because I only have hyphens within tags but never in front of them.
    > I use some "service tags" like -tmp-, -personal-, -meta-.
    > Now they are _tmp, _personal, _meta :-)

    OK, I can now see the use for that. It's also good to see you found a workaround.
  • Oliver S.
    Chris R wrote:
    > Oliver, is there a list of these operators somewhere?

    As far as I know, there is no official documentation of operators working in Diigo available on the Web.

    Here is a list of Boolean operators in general:

    The very common ones like AND / OR / NOT work for sure. According to Christy Tucker (, the operator NEAR also works in Diigo but I myself have never used it. Here is the relevant quotation:

    "Ah, so you're looking for something that also lets you effectively do an "OR" search. In other words, you would see everything tagged marketing OR communication (or both).

    The search feature on either service will give you that result though. Just use search and type in "communication OR marketing"; both services support Boolean operators. That actually will bring up everything that has communication or marketing in the title or tags, but having the search a little broader rather than too narrow seems to be what you want. A broader search lets you browse yourself. If OR is not the right operator, sometimes NEAR works (Diigo supports NEAR, but doesn't)."

    As far as tags are concerned, wildcards are not supported in Diigo. Then again, in those cases you could use the full-text search (for which they do work).

    Also note that the advanced search mentioned above is not officially available any longer in Diigo. It has been removed (temporarily?). See this thread here:
    However, you can still access it via a cached page (see Robert T's reply) - or you can use the search keywords to access the advanced search features.
Soul Book

idea: "like last bookmark" button - 72 views

adding bookmarks idea ideas toolbar
started by Soul Book on 16 Sep 08 no follow-up yet
  • Oliver S.
    soulgrind r wrote:
    > I've just been adding a number of bookmarks, all of which are very similar topics, so using very similar tags and options. But every time i add one i have to type in all the tags and select the list, and other options.
    (well, actually i soon figured out to copy and past the list of tags) So, I was wondering, how about a little button on the "add bookmark" popup that repeats all the options, tags, etc.. of the last bookmark?

    Sounds like a great idea. I absolutely agree that this would be a very useful feature.
grand tour

Why my sticky note can only be private.? - 228 views

public sticky note
  • Oliver S.
    What do you use: the Diigo toolbar or the Diigolet? Which browser do you use?

    Right now, I use Firefox with the Diigo toolbar. And after selecting the appropriate command for adding a sticky note, I get a pop-up window with a drop-down field inside that is set by default to "Private". But I can also set it to "Public" after clicking the little arrow on the right-hand side of it. Can you see that field in your sticky note pop-up window? Can you change the setting in there?
  • Oliver S.
    I did some more testing with different browsers as well as Diigolet and Diigo toolbar. However, the problem appears to be related to certain pages rather the browser and Diigolet or toolbar.

    I could reproduce your problem when trying to add sticky notes to *certain* pages and trying to make them public. For example, there was no setting "Public" when I tried to add a sticky note on (just as an experiment).

    Can you give an example of a page where you had this problem so that the people behind Diigo can more easily reproduce this problem?
Lesley Reilly

Using Diigo without a toolbar - 91 views

diigo groups toolbar
started by Lesley Reilly on 04 Sep 08 no follow-up yet
  • Oliver S.
    The Diigo toolbar is really not needed for joining a Diigo group. The toolbar makes using Diigo a lot more convenient but it is not required for most features of Diigo. And alternatively you can install the Diigolet, which doesn't offer everything the toolbar does but still offers a lot of functionality. Installing the Diigolet will be allowed on any computer because it is not really an installation, the Diigolet is actually just a special kind of bookmark.

    Back to your actual question: Neither the Diigo toolbar nor the Diigolet is required for joining a Diigo group. In order to join to a Diigo group without the toolbar, just go to the Diigo homepage and click on "Sign in" in the upper right corner. Then enter your login data (user name + password) into the appropriate fields and click the button "Submit". Now you are logged in. Click on "Communities" and find the group you would like to join. Then just click the button "Join Group". That's it.
Eduardo Grajeda

Too many features - 97 views

advice feature feedback
started by Eduardo Grajeda on 01 Sep 08 no follow-up yet
  • Oliver S.
    I don't think there can be too many features in Diigo. Different people have different needs and so there will always be features that will be used by some and not by others.

    IMO, it is always a matter of the interface. For example, MS Office never reduced its features, but especially with the newer versions, the interface design was completely overhauled to make the most often used features more easily accessible. I think Diigo is going the right way and has already made quite a lot of improvement in that respect.
Trent Larson

How do I search for bookmarks with "tag1 OR tag2 OR tag3..."? - 279 views

search tags help syntax boolean
started by Trent Larson on 23 Jul 08 no follow-up yet
  • Oliver S.
    The search syntax for what you are trying to do is:
    tag:(tag1 OR tag2 OR tag3 ...)

    I think the search syntax was once defined in the Diigo Help Center ( but because so much changed with Diigo V3, the whole help center had to be recreated/rewritten, and it is still a work in progress and as far as I could see it currently does not contain this information.

    In Diigo, there is an "Advanced Search" for your own bookmarks. It used to be a directly accessible drop-down menu but since the majority of users just rarely uses advanced search features, the "Advanced Search" was put into a place accessible only *after* having performed a standard search. So, if the standard search does not give you the results you want, then you can refine your search with the advanced search features.

    To access the "Advanced Search", you need to perform a standard search using the search field and search button in the upper right corner of the webpage you see after being logged in. Then, you get search results for Diigo, your bookmarks only and everyone's bookmarks, which you can select by clicking on the appropriate tab. After selecting "My bookmark only" you will see the clickable word "Advanced" next to the search button in the upper third of the webpage. Click this word and the advanced search field will open. Use the boolean operator OR to find results which contain any word of your list of terms.

    By using the appropriate search syntax, you can access the advanced search features directly (as shown above for the tags). But this works just as well for all other fields, such as:
    url:(term1 OR term2 OR term3 ...)
Lee Potts

Bookmarks on a Private List - 84 views

bookmarks lists private
started by Lee Potts on 21 Jul 08 no follow-up yet
  • Oliver S.
    Privacy for bookmarks and privacy for lists are separate things. One is independent from the other. Your bookmarks will always keep their privacy setting that you chose when you created (or imported) them. If a bookmark was public before, it will still be public when being saved to a private list. If a bookmark was private before, it will still be private when being saved to a private list. So, a private list can contain both private *and* public bookmarks, yet the list as a whole will remain private. In a list, you cannot see the privacy setting for bookmarks because the privacy setting applies to the list as a whole (but as individual bookmarks, public bookmarks will remain public as already mentioned above).
Lee Potts

Importing bookmarks -- how long should it take? - 121 views

bookmarks duration import
  • Oliver S.
    Absolutely. It definitely shouldn't take that long. That is not normal. Something probably went wrong. Since Diigo prevents duplicate bookmarks, there is nothing to worry about when you resubmit.

    Lee Potts wrote:
    > I put in the request Friday afternoon and the bookmarks still haven't shown up on my list. Should I resubmit?
  • Oliver S.
    Lee Potts wrote:
    > Thanks Oliver. What would be a more typical wait time?

    In my experience, not more than a couple of minutes (unless there are temporary technical difficulties). Of course, it also depends on the number of bookmarks that you are importing.
  • Oliver S.
    I am just a Diigo user myself, so I can't tell whether there are currently any technical problems.

    Right now, I can't test Diigo but when I am back home I could try to reproduce your problem. It would help if you could tell me which web browser you use (including the version number).

    Another thing: You probably tried to import your bookmarks in HTML format via the web interface.
    Have you already tried to import your bookmarks with the Diigo toolbar?
    If you don't like to permanently install the toolbar, you could use a portable version of Mozilla Firefox and install it there. It works with the portable version, too.
    I know this would not be a solution to the original problem but it might do as a workaround for now.
Helaine .

Does Diigo work with the official, released version of FireFox 3.0? - 332 views

diigo firefox help resolved
started by Helaine . on 21 Jun 08 no follow-up yet
  • Oliver S.
    It works great for me. I am also very impressed that Diigo has already incorporated the tags that can now be assigned to bookmarks in Firefox 3 into the Diigo toolbar bookmark import feature. After all, the Firefox 3 bookmark format is a completely new format based on SQLite.
Marsh Feldman

Web Page Persistence - 54 views

resolved cache persistence web-page
  • Oliver S.
    Hi swampy,

    Yes, all these data you mentioned persist, i.e. they will still be available even if the original web page has been deleted and is now inaccessible. That is one of the big advantages/features of Diigo. This is also why you can perform whole-text searches in your Diigo archive, it is all saved in Diigo's cache/database.

    See here:
    ["Archive your bookmarked pages to insure they are always available as originally seen, i.e. never have to worry about link rot again (currently only html pages are archived)."]
    ["Your bookmarked pages are archived to insure they are always available as originally seen."]

    Just note the few restrictions about non-html content.
  • Oliver S.
    Hi davido,

    yes, it's true that sometimes Diigo doesn't cache pages properly. I noticed that too but it happens rarely. By clicking the tag "cache" in the Diigo forum, you can find a couple of threads discussing this issue.
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