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Graham Perrin

hyperlinks missing from posts - 101 views

Discussion continuing in summary topic

bug dataloss RFC HTML forum Ruby on Rails gpd4

Graham Perrin

hyperlinks often missing or broken: need support for angle bracket < > enclosures - 73 views

When I paste to a sticky note the hyperlink breaks. When I paste the same URL in angle brackets, the whole thing disappears. ...

priority RFC 2396 URI URL forum bug 4.1 hyperlink HTML eating one's own dog food dogfood gpd4

Joel Liu

hyperlinks in comments? - 29 views

New user here. This must be a FAQ, but I don't see covered in the help, and I couldn't find the answer searching this forum: Can I put hyperlinks in a comment? I'd like to avoid having my commen...

hyperlink hyperlinks comment suggestion


How to send your FF profile to help us debugging - 98 views

Hi Joel! Thanks for the suggestions! I'm working on it! joel wrote: > Hi Tim, > > In this case, you can zip-up entire folder except all bookmarks files ( from bookmarks-1.html to bookmarks-202...

debugging firefox profile tip

Maggie Tsai

bookmarks open in tabs - 54 views

Thanks all for sharing good tips here!

firefox tabs

Maggie Tsai

New toolbars updated for everyone - 44 views

Fridemar, Thanks for reporting - noted. Fridemar & Ollitolli, Hey, soon you guys can "get connected" easily. Stay tuned :-)

news toolbar spam (electronic)

Graham Perrin

URLs/hyperlinks badly broken in sticky notes in Diigo for Firefox - 8 views

Fix verified, thanks! (For most resolutions, I'll simply add tags such as resolved to the topic.)

bug fixed verified resolved thanks Firefox Mozilla Firefox HTML URL hyperlink thank you

Graham Perrin

hyperlink in group description - 6 views

Surprise! Diigo 4.0 beta supports hyperlinks within group descriptions :) Example at

help group description hyperlink URL link HTML gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 03 Oct 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

The 'About' page should offer a hyperlink (not only a text field) the URL that it's abo... - 25 views

Example: I wish to offer as a starting point for but * unless I'm missing som...

resolved Diigo About GUI TTW suggestion meta

Graham Perrin

excess of blue in Diigo web UI - 22 views

I suspect that an excess of blue causes some features of Diigo to be overlooked. Blue, nearly everywhere. Diigo aside: the colour blue is commonly associated with hyperlinks. In Diigo: √ mo...

resolved blue grey colours GUI TTW suggestion

Maggie Tsai

Add Hyperlinks to Bookmark notes - 15 views

Thanks - good suggestion - noted

bookmark hyperlinks


Hyperlink & Picture insert do not work in Rich Text editing mode of Sticky - 30 views

Thanks for quick solving of the problem!! maggie_diigo wrote: > Thanks for reporting. The new FF toolbar should fix this problem. Please verify. Thanks

bug hyperlinks picture sticky note

Graham Perrin

Comment pane of Diigolet no longer works with contextual menus - 10 views

Maybe comparable to (2010-06-19), 'comment pane of Diigolet 4.0b166: can not select, can not copy'. Bug Text and hyperlinks wit...

bug Diigolet 4.0b166 comment window pane contextual menu gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 20 Jun 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin liked it
Maggie Tsai

Help with RSS, Groups AND Individual - 33 views

I am having a lot of trouble with RSS. I am planning to bring over 2-300 bookmarks into an organized fashion from blinklist, but I have to figure these things out. so i am going to keep my groups...

bookmark feeds groups rss

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