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Claude Almansi

Annotation viewing in lists for non members? - 9 views

thanks, Graham: I've enabled notifications for the thread you mention. And meanwhile I've added a unescowhtext tag to - and only to - the items in my list: the resulting

help bug tag list annotation sticky note

Graham Perrin

Get link of floating sticky note - 32 views

Lamarck Jean wrote: > - I can't get a link for floating sticky note > - I can't get link of a floating sticky note associated with an annotation (green colour text) Ah, I just read your other...

sticky note links annotate annotated link UID help puzzle

Graham Perrin

Workflow: working with personal and group copies of bookmarks for a URL - 9 views

    Comment 11 outlines my preferred workflow:
Graham Perrin

Diigo search for a word fails to find the word in my public sticky note - 50 views

Reviewing this bug following the major upgrade from Diigo 3 beta to Diigo 4.0 beta works as expected. Tag: resolved

resolved sticky note search syntax bug

Joel Liu

Sticky notes error - 42 views

Y it is a server error. The problem was solved. Thanks.

sticky note sticky stickynote bug resolved

Matt Jans

I really miss my rich text formated sticky notes - 85 views

I would definitely add $1 to my monthly bill to get rich text formatting in notes. Also, I'd like to be able to add more formatting to my list pages. If not through point-and-click, by being able t...

sticky note rich text format suggestion

Graham Perrin

How do I edit a sticky note? - 82 views

An earlier topic: (2007-05-22) Editing existing notes An explanation from Diigo:

sticky note performance edition suggestion

Graham Perrin

Easy way to edit sticky notes. - 109 views

An earlier topic: (2007-05-22) Editing existing notes An explanation from Diigo:

sticky note edit suggestion resolved duplicate

Call Me What You Want

Was there always a cutoff limit to how much text you can put into sticky notes? - 33 views

I've been using Diigo's sticky note to copy paste entries that were linked to another webpage for quite some time now (I find it more convenient than highlighting the page and linking both in a sin...

sticky note annotation limit

started by Call Me What You Want on 20 Oct 08 no follow-up yet
Maggie Tsai

Highlights and Sticky Posts dissappearing - 66 views

Pls advise your group URL and pages that you've annotated. Feel free to send us a private email at info at

bug highlight highlights sticky note spam (electronic)

Graham Perrin

Bug:: Floating Sticky Notes Do Not Share to Diigo Groups - 146 views

Subject: Floating Sticky Notes Do Not Share to Diigo Groups @ Julie Please, could you post to a separate topic? Thanks.

bugs floating annotation groups sticky note bug resolved

Graham Perrin

Piracy & RSS Feeds for Articles - 48 views

I am not sure how to word this, but i think it's extremely important. Currently, the format of the rss feeds of bookmarks that contain comments, highlights, and the like, can so easily cause confu...

comments highlights reader RSS sticky note suggestion

Graham Perrin

Why my sticky note can only be private.? - 225 views

Sean Brady wrote: > Mike Chelen mentioned a bug in the FF toolbar that prevents public sticky notes from being published. Using Diigo in Firefox 3.0.3 on Mac OS X 10.5.5: * I can atta...

public sticky note

Call Me What You Want

Organizing Expand View Highlights and Sticky Notes - 40 views

I'm not sure when it changed and I thought it worked differently before but after viewing one of my highlighted text from the expand view, I saw that the highlights with sticky notes took higher pr...

annotation annotations sticky note stickynote suggestion

started by Call Me What You Want on 02 Sep 08 no follow-up yet
Sam Breach

Sticky Notes not saving input & record no longer being Kept on Save Bookmark? - 42 views

Hi Joel Thank you very much - It seems to be working again for me now so I suspect it was a temporary glitch. Keep up the good work on your site. I like it very much so far. Thanks to everyone in...

sticky note

Trent Larson

Can I jump to a list of bookmarks where all sticky notes are already expanded? - 29 views

I am cobbling together URLs directly into selections of my bookmarks, and I'd like for people to be able to see my notes immediately. So, instead of the two-step process of going to the page and h...

sticky note

started by Trent Larson on 27 Jul 08 no follow-up yet
Mike Chelen

I can make sticky comments but not as public ones? why? - 140 views

As far as I know, all the restrictions have been met, however posting public sticky notes with the Firefox toolbar still does not work, and the public option is not listed. Oddly, when using the Di...

comments public sticky note

Joel Liu

How to add public sticky notes? - 92 views

1. Go to a webpage which is not a front page 2. Click the comment drop down menu, choose "Add a float sticky note to this page"

notes public sticky note

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