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Rajesh Candamourty

Remove a person from a group? - 37 views

started by Rajesh Candamourty on 07 Oct 10
  • Rajesh Candamourty
    How do I do this? I have an employee who is no more with us and he is still in the group. I would like to remove him.

    Thanks for your help.
  • Oliver S.
    As the group moderator, you should have an option called "Manage members" on the right-hand side of your group post view. Click there and you will get get a list all members. If you do not see this list, click on the tab "All Members". Check the member you would like to remove and click on the button "Remove this member". You are done.
  • anonymous
    How do you remove a Member Called "anonymous" ? I've tried "Remove this member". It goes away but then comes right back. I've tried to "Ban this member". This doesn't work.
  • juanqv
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