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Lesley Reilly

Using Diigo without a toolbar - 91 views

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started by Lesley Reilly on 04 Sep 08
  • Lesley Reilly
    I teach online courses and I created a Diigo group for resource sharing. Some participants have told me that they cannot get in because they are not allowed to download toolbars to their school computers where they do their work. IS there a way to join a Diigo group without downloading the toolbar?


  • Oliver S.
    The Diigo toolbar is really not needed for joining a Diigo group. The toolbar makes using Diigo a lot more convenient but it is not required for most features of Diigo. And alternatively you can install the Diigolet, which doesn't offer everything the toolbar does but still offers a lot of functionality. Installing the Diigolet will be allowed on any computer because it is not really an installation, the Diigolet is actually just a special kind of bookmark.

    Back to your actual question: Neither the Diigo toolbar nor the Diigolet is required for joining a Diigo group. In order to join to a Diigo group without the toolbar, just go to the Diigo homepage and click on "Sign in" in the upper right corner. Then enter your login data (user name + password) into the appropriate fields and click the button "Submit". Now you are logged in. Click on "Communities" and find the group you would like to join. Then just click the button "Join Group". That's it.

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