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ilona maennchen

Google's Automatic Voice Search debut on Chrome | Questechie | Diigo - 23 views

    conduct your voice directly to the search page
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About Diigo API - 42 views

Since the Diigo Chrome extension cannot upload images to diigo, I want to add this function to our 'cloud save' extension, see

diigo API Chrome extension

started by chaohuang on 12 Jun 12 no follow-up yet
Dora Bennett

Diigo in Chrome - lacking many features found in Firefox - 50 views

Is there any fix to this? sometimes i still experience this lack?

chrome firefox toolbar

Sandy Johnson

Diigo Group Difficulty - message "Sorry for the inconvenience" - 16 views

Hi! Thank you for your answer and also the email I received. We had the same issue yesterday and I am wondering how soon this will be fixed. We love using Diigo but in an educational setting it'...

Chrome Groups difficulty performance bug help


Resolved | Web Highlighter in Chrome is opening mostly off-screen -- suggestions welcome! - 31 views

Happy to hear that it is finally resolved. If you need any help,please kindly let us know.

Web_highlighter chrome help zoomy resolved


Diigo Chrome extension won't work on some websites - 53 views

We have fixed this issue. Please check it again.

bug Chrome extension new advent


Difficult to use Chrome and Diigo - 128 views

Thanks for the tip. I already have that extension installed. I came across a patched version of the extension that has the hard coded CTL-B to bookmark a site but that has to be reinstalled each ti...

Google Chrome problems shortcomings

gaming hulk

Chrome no keyboard shortcut assignments - 201 views

I still find Diigo and Google Chrome browser is excruciating to use when searching for tags even after enabling search via the URL bar. Seems Diigo new features have stalled. I may just go back to ...

Chrome firefox shortcut keyboard


Chrome Extension/Google Integration - 34 views

We will take it into consideration. Thanks for sharing your idea with us and helping us to make improvements from the perspective of users.

chrome google

Piotr Olszak

Privacy, chrome extension - 32 views

Hi, I'm new to diigo and I have question about privacy. In Privacy Policy I found: "When the "view mode" for annotation is disabled, or when you are not logged in the Diigo service, the ...

diigo help privacy chrome extension

started by Piotr Olszak on 01 Nov 10 no follow-up yet
Antony Earthling

Is it possible for the Chrome extension to create a local bookmark like the firefox and... - 31 views

I find in general that there are too many inconsistencies between the Chrome extension and IE/FF toolbars.


Sean Brady

Chrome and Adnroid - 35 views

Ok so I put down for a year as premium, mostly because I have gotten good value over the last several years. I will now be looking for enhanced development in the areas that I use the most which ar...

diigo chrome android premium

started by Sean Brady on 06 Sep 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Save with highlights? - 46 views

Using that product combination on Mac OS X 10.6.4, I can't reproduce the problem. See for example The toolbar of Diigolet offers subtle feedb...

highlight help Chrome bug Google Chrome feedback suggestion

Never Knew

Greasemetal - an Userscript Runtime for Google Chrome - 18 views

    Cross reference (2007-05-03), keep diigolet active - maybe Greasemetal can be used similarly to GreaseKit.
P. G.

Can't bookmark this webpage - 33 views

Hi yc c and Graham, thanks for testing and thanks yc c for the hint to the bookmarklet, will now use it in case of failure! :) The problem persists until now, yet as said I didn't use the diigolet...

bug 1.5.4 Google Chrome 6.0.408.1 webhighlighter chrome website bookmark

Graham Perrin

Chrome Extension: delete causes future highlights and notes to no save - 56 views

> (2010-03-24), recently re-titled > changes to tags seem to be queued, not effective immediately That topic is inexplicably missing. Plea...

bug chrome duplicate

Vahid Masrour

Twitter not available in Chrome - 48 views

WAOW!! Latest changes for the diigo tool in Chrome have turned out GREAT!!! Thanks everybody!!! I can now post to twitter, Facebook, Buzz, send an e-mail, or get the annotated link. AWESOME!!! Cong...

diigo chrome twitter suggestion toolbar

Graham Perrin

Chrome Update - 16 views

> saving the same item to more than one group Please enable e-mail notification for and


Graham Perrin

Diigo Chrome Extension problem - 149 views

Hi. Just love the new Chrome extension. Two problems. One is that I think normal use should be like click on the icon and I bookmark a website. If I need the other tools I should maybe press and ho...

bug suggestion Chrome extension 1.5.2

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