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John Doherty

Avatar questions - 54 views

Ok, Thanks. :) Joel Liu wrote: > > @Joel Liu > > Ahh, that would definitely make more sense. But what about things that are said by their creators to be free for use as avatars or for general re...

avatar question


Avatars Not Associated With Bookmarks - 33 views

Do they change their avatars or upload their avatars for the first time? This issue is maybe caused by the uncleared cache. Can you please clear the cache for testing?

bug help educator avatar profile bookmarks resolved

Jonathan Bailey

Upload Avatar Failed - 27 views

Worked like a charm (obviously). Thank you! Joel Liu wrote: > Hi Jonathan, > Thanks for your reporting. We fixed it and you can upload avatar now.

avatar error errors

Hilary Reynolds

[Discussion] Please update your user profile / avatar - 23 views

Your wish is my command. ))) Now visible in all my corpulent glory. )))



My avatar became the photo of a woman i've never seen - 16 views

Having checked in database,the problem was caused by the wrong filename of your avatar. We have removed it. Now you can upload any image as your avatar as long as you like.Sorry for any inconvenien...

bug help avatar

Graham Perrin

Can't change group avatar - 20 views

Hi, We fixed the issue. Please check it again. All avatars you uploaded are visible now.

bug resolved avatar group

Maggie Tsai

New Uservoice Channels available - 75 views

Thanks for everyone's feedback. Your comments are noted. Indeed Uservoice and Diigo group forums are designed with a different purpose in mind. As we all use more, some useful enhancements wi...

diigo suggestion help FAQ

Graham Perrin

problems with some pictures/avatars and CAPTCHA - 22 views notes that the problem, whatever it was, didn't last for long.

bug profile avatar picture CAPTCHA resolved

Tom Tullio

Diigo warning me of redirection - 93 views

The error appears on my PC at home: - XP Home SP2 - Firefox - Diigo toolbar 1.0.2007081101 - no other Firefox extensions installed - ZoneAlarm 7.0.337.000 (I have tried it with the firewa...


Maggie Tsai

Change avatar - 22 views

Would you mind giving that a try again, and advise the status? By the way, what's the size of your pic? (max=200)


yc c

Hiding real name or at least using nickname under avatars - 90 views

It is possible because that was how the old Diigo used to work. Whether Diigo plans to move back to that model is still up to them.

alias avatar hide name nickname real username

Thomas Miller

still trouble changing group avatar - 11 views

my issue was resolved (quickly and efficiently). The developers are very responsive.

bug resolved diigo help group avatar

Graham Perrin

group: most active members: unexpected departure from group - 12 views

Yes, spot on. It took me a while to realise that there are additional features if you pause before clicking.

group UI GUI suggestion activity contribution member face avatar portlet gpd4

Maggie Tsai

avatar icon - 15 views

Thanks for reporting. Yes, we were making some changes and triggered the bug. Should be fixed now. Please check again.

Mero Samuel - 0 views

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Moultrie Creek

Problem with Group Image - 36 views

I uploaded an image to use as my group's avatar and it works fine. I have now uploaded a new image and although it appears in the size examples, my first image still shows as the group avatar. Th...


started by Moultrie Creek on 19 Oct 08 no follow-up yet
Joel Liu

Apache server error and group name - 23 views

Hi Sue, > I am trying to upload a new image for my group avatar and each time, regardless of the image I select, I get an apache server error. The images are under 200k. ===== > We fixed the...

Mazen Tammam

Search Menu Customisation Problem - 40 views

I checked for an update less than an hour ago, found it, installed it and this bug in question is a history now...thanks to you Maggie and all of Diigo Team. Keep up the good work... I do apprecia...

customizedsearch search

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