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Emma Duke-Williams

Export just a tag. - 49 views

I've got a lot of items in diigo; and we now have a system within the University library that allows us to generate reading lists, from both books in the library & other sources. I've got about 3,...

export tags subset

started by Emma Duke-Williams on 01 Aug 12 no follow-up yet

How to export images - 54 views

Thanks Sandy, that would be fantastic.

export images library photos

Alexandre Deedler

Export a Diigo Group Content - 116 views

Greetings, Sorry to necro this topic, but I am very interested in finding a way to export all the bookmarks associated to a group and not a user. Does anyone know if there has been some progress in...

export group


Export to CSV with description - 77 views

I m a bit new to diigo and I want to export all of my bookmark in CSV , especially description and date of the bookmark. What a pity to see that this field can't be exported. It's some of the most ...

CSV export description

started by AREHN doc on 10 May 11 no follow-up yet
Tyme 2.0

Export bookmarks - what's NOT exported - 144 views

and the "date of bookmark" too please...

export backup suggeston help

Noel Reid

export bookmarks : CSV file : no email alert ! - 136 views

+1 for me - no email alert [alongside my other problem with the Export facility - 'Bookmark export getting only a small number of bookmarks']

bug export email bookmarks notification spam (electronic)

Tyme 2.0

Is another way to save bookmarks than Delicious ? YES ! but ... - 123 views

I find that : Great ! ( It could be nice to be able to import CSV format ! , offline backup in CSV could be re-import ) ( In IT technilogy, I learned...

diigo suggestion save delicious export csv import bookmarks

Graham Perrin

Trouble with diigo exporting to delicious - 49 views

Subject: Trouble with diigo exporting to delicious >> URLs are messed up (lots of percent signs) and they > don't work as links in delicious > without the tags That may be a different is...

delicious bug export

Graham Perrin

Export in HTML didn't include tags! - 256 views

At > How to create a JSON file for import in FF3 *externally*? > to import tags, you have to us...

diigo firefox tag export bug Netscape

Graham Perrin

cached copies available for export? - 86 views

Jim Jee wrote in a related thread: >Another possibility is to provide a hook to some other Firefox / Explorer extension that already saves pages offline (e.g. Scrapbook for Firefox), and just synch...

export diigo cache

Graham Perrin

synching links with delicious account - 43 views

My latest diigo bookmarked sites aren't showing up in my delicious account, although the synch was working fine the day before yesterday. Help!

delicious synching export help


Export a Bookmark's Group - 118 views

Currently there is no official way to do this. But it is on our to -do list. Thanks for bring this to our attention.

Group Export

Yoni Blumberg

Export Bookmarks in V4 - 114 views

Alright, glad to see it works fine now. Thanks.

bug resolved worksforme thanks diigo help export bookmarks thank you

Noel Reid

Bookmark export getting only a small number of bookmarks - 135 views

Subject: Bookmark export getting only a small number of bookmarks > who is " diigo people" here !? > give us more feedback Please see

bug assigned export bookmarks groups 20090930

Sue Cifelli

Tagging of imported bookmarks - 41 views

> exported bookmark. Exported from where, and when? The usual: details such as operating system, browser etc. will be helpful. > I marked them as private in case there was a problem with the i...

tags-related importing tag data map export import help

Graham Perrin

Lists from Tags? - 71 views

Sean Neik wrote: > during the import Consider for example point (g) at - the user feedback there was based on experience with Furl. For import...

Import Diigo Delcious tags lists export option map suggestion

Graham Perrin

Bookmarks Export Error! - 26 views

Kepler L wrote: > The problem is caused by ISP. When I use proxy for downloading, the problem has gone. Thank you for the positive feedback and workaround. (Problems relating to ISPs are ra...

resolved export bug connection ISP China proxy workaround

InfoNet by Patricia Fernandez

Suggestion: Download/Export Lists - 82 views

Hi Graham, Thanks for your response. I've looked for DOWNLOAD LISTS, EXPORT LISTS and SAVE LISTS on the Search Group Topics cage and found nothing relevant (or maybe I've just missed it). I'll tr...

Diigo Downloads Export Lists Features Suggestions suggestion

Graham Perrin

Export cache | Diigo - 10 views

  • 1-click saving
  • Speed is a factor
  • keyword search
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • saved pages somehow categorized
  • accessible from anywhere
  • export the cached page along with the sticky notes, etc
  • I'd much prefer that sort of thing in the cloud
  • specify a dated cache/snapshot for presentation of annotations
    I'd like the ability to specify a dated cache/snapshot for presentation of annotations.
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