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Eduardo Grajeda

Too many features - 97 views

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started by Eduardo Grajeda on 01 Sep 08
  • Eduardo Grajeda

    This seems like the place for suggestions so here is mine: diigo has too many features. I'm probably wrong and most people use all of the features, but for me stuff like: "my wall", "meet people", "lists", and some other doesn't make sense in an application that is focused in highlighting/bookmarks.

    Or maybe, the problem is not the features but how they are presented. The first page I saw once I registered had like 5 boxes on the left side, 4 on the right, like 20 links on the top and with all that I felt a little bit overwhelmed by all these features.

    So my suggestion probably should be: simplify the design.

  • Joel Liu
    Hi Eduardo,
    Thanks for your suggestion. You have a good point and we'd like to do simplify the design. If you have some ideas on how to do it, please share with us :).
  • Oliver S.
    I don't think there can be too many features in Diigo. Different people have different needs and so there will always be features that will be used by some and not by others.

    IMO, it is always a matter of the interface. For example, MS Office never reduced its features, but especially with the newer versions, the interface design was completely overhauled to make the most often used features more easily accessible. I think Diigo is going the right way and has already made quite a lot of improvement in that respect.
  • march j

    Joel Liu wrote:

    > If you have some ideas on how to do it, please share with us :).

    first of all thank you for diigo, i like it and want to use it more often in the future. [which depends on some changes ...]

    first of all please drop the menu-line containing 'groups', 'site communities' and 'tag communities' above. it is already available via the dropdown-menu 'communities'.

    secondly drop your 'what's new'-page and the yellow link to it in the bottomline. april 4 is far away from new. - for featuring new topics use your blog and integrate that deeper into diigo.

    best regards,


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