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cached copies available for export? - 87 views

export diigo cache

started by stuart on 05 Mar 10
  • stuart
    Is there some way to do this? Some plan to implement it?
  • Oliver S.
    See here for example for a discussion on this topic:

    I think the option to export ALL cached copies from Diigo would cause an enormous traffic on Diigo servers, so I guess that would or could be a problem. Exporting a few selected cached pages however should be doable (but is not implemented yet and I don't know whether it will be).
  • Oliver S.
    Jim Jee wrote in a related thread:
    >Another possibility is to provide a hook to some other Firefox / Explorer extension that already saves pages offline (e.g. Scrapbook for Firefox), and just synchronize the actions on Diigo with the local directory saved by the extension.

    I wouldn't know how to do that with Firefox and ScrapBook - I mean automatically keeping ScrapBook and Diigo in sync. Anyone got any ideas?

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