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brette lockyer

Import from Internet Explorer - 130 views

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started by brette lockyer on 06 Oct 08
  • brette lockyer
    Import from Explorer
  • Oliver S.
    Well, you could be a little more elaborate with your questions or requests.

    Anyway, I suppose what you mean is whether or how bookmarks (favorites) can be imported from Internet Explorer.

    Importing bookmarks from Internet Explorer (IE) is possible in two ways:

    1) If you don't have the Diigo toolbar for IE installed, you can export your favorites from IE as a bookmark.htm file (which is an older Netscape/Firefox format). Then, in Diigo go to "Import bookmarks" - > "Import from browser" and select the exported file for import.

    2) If you have the Diigo toolbar for IE, it is even easier: In the toolbar, click on the Diigo button, in the appearing drop-down menu click on "Import Bookmarks ...", then just select all the favorites/bookmarks that you would like to import into Diigo and confirm. That's it.
  • Maggie Tsai
    Brette - did it work?

    Oliver - Thanks!

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