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Ali Nabavi

Share a doc with a mailing list - Google Docs Help - 5 views

  • If you share with a mailing list that isn't a Google Group, group members will gain access to the doc by clicking the link in the invitation email. Access to the document won't be adjusted as group membership is adjusted.
    • Ali Nabavi
      This is unfortunate.
Steven Hotelling

Any chance the search functionality from chrome will be ported to the firefox addin? - 18 views

Jeremy, If you have the FF "Diigo Toolbar" installed, you should have the search box there IN the toolbar to search both Diigo & Google concurrently. ~Steven

firefox search google


Difficult to use Chrome and Diigo - 128 views

Thanks for the tip. I already have that extension installed. I came across a patched version of the extension that has the hard coded CTL-B to bookmark a site but that has to be reinstalled each ti...

Google Chrome problems shortcomings


Chrome Extension/Google Integration - 34 views

We will take it into consideration. Thanks for sharing your idea with us and helping us to make improvements from the perspective of users.

chrome google

João Paz

Diigo search results in ORDINARY google search results? - 275 views

In Chrome there is an option on Diigo toolbar to search also Diigo when making google searches (altough only showng number of results and wehave to open diigo to see them) but not in Firefox. Wonde...

diigo search suggestion toolbar integration google bing

Never Knew

Greasemetal - an Userscript Runtime for Google Chrome - 18 views

    Cross reference (2007-05-03), keep diigolet active - maybe Greasemetal can be used similarly to GreaseKit.

OpenID ldP discovery - 11 views

Your tool looks great for my organisation, however we use google apps and the google account login doesn't work. Google apps does act as an OpenID provider, but you have to jump through soem hoops ...

suggestion openid google apps

Graham Perrin

"Comments" Duplicated in Group Feeds (in Google Reader) - 14 views

thanks for your report. we have do this updated: do not show description content in Rss feed. FYI: In groups, descriptions are no longer a feature of bookmarks. Description is converted to comment.

Diigo rss feeds reader google comments Bug


Import from Google Bookmarks has some problems - 388 views

Subject: Import from Google Bookmarks has some problems > help desk Please enable e-mail notification for (2008-11-08), Integrated/imp...

bug assigned diigo import GoogleBookmarks Google

Mr. DiGi

Google Chrome Extensions: Diigo bookmarks - 27 views

    It helps you save bookmarks to diigo with one click. Diigo also saves a copy of the page
    While I appreciate that Diigo had an extension out on day one, it leaves a LOT to be desired. I installed the extension, but have it disabled and will stick with the diigolet. I hope that development is proceeding to bring more than the most barebones functionality to Chrome's extension.
Mr. DiGi

Google Sidewiki - 3 views

    • Graham Perrin
      Features and compatibility of Google Sidewiki are nowhere near a match for Diigo. No highlights. Not compatible with Chrome, Safari, Opera etc.. The Web 2.0 group could be a good place to discuss…
    Beware Diigo: Google strikes back!
Graham Perrin

Mash: bringing Common Tag format to Diigo: Faviki bookmarklet before all else - 78 views

More recently I use Services + Dictionary in Mac OS X to find Common Tags in Wikipedia - mash with the OS is more streamlined than mash with Faviki. Re Common Tag format and tag synonyms, see toda...

mash suggestion Common Tag Diigolet Faviki Google Zemanta gpd4

Cameron Foster

Can't retrieve email address for invitations - 3 views

I put in my username and password for my gmail account and it claims I am wrong.......

invitation Google Mail

started by Cameron Foster on 22 May 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

highlight and annotate the text in google book preview? - 139 views

Please enable e-mail notification for Highlighting and annotating formats other than HTML. More specific to PDF, and to WebNotes' PDF viewer (which involves conversion from PDF), pdf file highli...

highlight annotation google googlebooks help suggestion

Graham Perrin

google notebook importer not working? - 44 views

> Opening comments #1 and #2 have disappeared from this topic I'll tag this topic: resolved

Google notebook Google Notebook import bug help performance resolved

Graham Perrin

Bookmarking within Google Reader - 732 views

I didn't expect that the solution would come from the other side(Google) :-) In anyways it's a great addition to GReader/Diigo's current functionality. Thanks for the heads-up Graham

suggestion rss-reader Google Read It Later ReadItLater help Google Reader

Heather Dowd

Google Notebook import alpha - Need volunteers to help! - 218 views

Hi Maggie, I just had a thought...would it be possible to embed a diigo list in a wiki instead of just linking to it? I want to do that with a google notebook and I don't see that it is possible. ...

google notebook

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