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Blue Gene

Bookmarking within Google Reader - 732 views

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started by Blue Gene on 19 Jan 09
  • Blue Gene
    ReadItLater has firefox addon that allows users to bookmark feed items within Google reader ( Why not add this feature to the Diigo firefox plugin? This will be a great add-on feature
  • Graham Perrin
    Thanks for the URL, makes it easy to respond :)
    lead to a few discussions not all of which relate to ReadItLater a.k.a. Read It Later for Firefox

    (Not to be confused with the Read Later feature that was (re)introduced to versions .12 and .13 of Diigo Toolbar for Firefox, )

    Re: RSS, reference to PostRank/AideRSS may be of interest.

    If is (to you) your tab of unread bookmarks, then would a feed to match that collection be of interest?

    (Current Diigo behaviour is for the feed from the Unread subset to produce the My Bookmarks superset.)

    If not within a toolbar (at time of bookmarking), then where amongst the Diigo tools might you imagine your feature fitting?
  • Blue Gene
    Hi Graham,
    Thanks for your reply.I think you are talking about the general functionality of Read It later but I'm thinking of a specific feature of Read It Later add-on. Sorry if I was not clear . I hope the following link will give you more idea about what I meant.
  • Graham Perrin
    Hi again

    I read the article, and browsed but I can't quite distinguish this topic from others on the subject of Read It Later (service) and Google Reader. no trace of Google.

    Is the association between Read It Later and Google Reader a commonly practised/accepted mash?

    Or, is interaction with Google Reader an official feature of Read It Later, one that is omitted from their web site?

    The underlying question, which I didn't express well in my previous message, are you interested in

    a) generally: a feed (Atom or RSS) for unread bookmarks


    b) only: Google Reader?

    In the meantime I have signed up to get a feel for the service, but the bookmarklets alone don't hint at a Google connection.

  • Graham Perrin
    Subject: official site for Read It Later separated from support area in another domain (confusion) refers to

    Firefox 3.0.5 | Tools | Add-ons | Read it Later 0.9929 | Preferences | Help/Support refers to (does not refer to ). does not mention support but a Google search for shower discovers a support area that refers to

    Eventually, presents plenty of references to Google Reader so I might figure out what's wrong.

    (I have allowed Read It Later 0.9929 to
    [√] Integrate into Google Reader
    but what I mark (in Firefox) to read later does not appear in Google Reader.)
  • Sean Brady
    I agree that the ability to quickly scan the list of feeds in GR and add the items you want to read to the read it later list is very powerful. I believe that is the main feature that makes RIL so much nicer than other reading list applications.

    However, as long as the Read It later functionality in Diigo remains a part of the bookmark list it is not really a feature that appeals to me.

    Blue Gene wrote:
    > ReadItLater has firefox addon that allows users to bookmark feed items within Google reader ( Why not add this feature to the Diigo firefox plugin? This will be a great add-on feature
  • Sean Brady
    As I thought more about this I realized that this would be a nice feature for just adding information to Diigo from GR. Not in a reading list sort of way, but in a I just read this on GR and I want to add it to Diigo.

    The bookmarklets for Laterloop and Mento both detect that you are viewing GR and automatically bookmark the article you are currently viewing. Consider this an official feature request. The Diigolet and Toolbar should detect when you are in GR and allow you to bookmark the article you are reading without having to navigate to the home page. (Obviously this causes issues for the Highlight feature).
  • Blue Gene
    Exactly :-) This is what I was talking about!
  • anonymous
    I use the star function within GR to mark things I want to read later as I am scanning the lists, then go to my starred folder to access the articles as a jump off point. If the article is worth saving, I will add a Diigo bookmark to the URL of the actual article.
  • Graham Perrin
    Does the more recent topic how to configure google reader's "send to" feature for diigo? (August 2009) resolve this one from January?
  • Blue Gene
    I didn't expect that the solution would come from the other side(Google) :-) In anyways it's a great addition to GReader/Diigo's current functionality. Thanks for the heads-up Graham

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