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yc c

Hint: viewing tabs in Diigo Meta in Diigo 4.0 beta - 19 views

If you share with someone the meta URL of a bookmarked page, and if you wish to ensure that tabs are visible (to switch from public comments to history, and vice versa) you can use the following...

meta tabs bookmark history public comment switch view hide show reveal scroll page down up workaround hack help hint

Graham Perrin

group meta view of a group bookmark should allow all members of the group to add tags - 19 views

I forgot that there's currently far too much, vertically, in the very shallow lower part of Diigo Meta. Specifically: the tabs are not visible, because group highlights appear in non-tabbed sp...

UI GUI meta group view add append tag bookmark suggestion layout tabs gpd4

Graham Perrin

Need an option for opening in new tab - 27 views

Magnolia South wrote: > Not in smart folders. I've tried it on Ubuntu, Vista AND XP. shows predefined smart folders Recent and Unread. I have added a third sm...

tabs options suggestion

Mac Digg

Export Option - 72 views

> backing up … support for tags Amongst the tools at you can export to RSS. The result does includes tags. I find it very useful.

Export LinkMan PowerMarks Backup BookMarks Tabs tag resolved

Graham Perrin

Possible to right click on a tab to quick bookmark all open tabs? - 44 views

Please enable e-mail notification for (2009-03-16), How to bookmark multiple links?

duplicate tabs post bookmark multiple tab quickd help suggestion

cuttingedge -

option to open searches in new tabs PLEASE??? - 50 views

I also love how that I can search with google's search box and the search results open in a new tab. Can we not do that in the diigo toolbar? Even if I hold down CTRL and hit enter it won't open i...

search tabs toolbar windows

Joel Liu

open all in tabs - 64 views

Hi Neuralbomb, You can do it in the new toolbar. 1) Go to Diigo button ==>Options 2) Check "Quick Access Filter" 3) Then you can add tag filters on the toolbar and open bookmarks all in tabs.


Joel Liu

Diigo toolbar IE7 bug - 128 views

Hi Michael A new version will be released soon. What's your OS Vista or XP?

bug diigo focus ie7 slow tabs toolbar

Maggie Tsai

bookmarks open in tabs - 54 views

Thanks all for sharing good tips here!

firefox tabs

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