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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Magnolia South

Soul Book

Diigo mobile alpha prototype available - plesae give it a test drive - 827 views

highlights mobile notebook
started by Soul Book on 21 Apr 08 no follow-up yet
  • Magnolia South
    It's great for accessing previous bookmarks, but doesn't allow you to add new ones. That's imperative for me.
Magnolia South

Need an option for opening in new tab - 27 views

tabs options suggestion
  • Magnolia South
    I'm using Firefox and I also use Tab Mix Plus to control how my tabs open. For whatever reason, TMP doesn't work with Diigo even if it works fine with other toolbars. That said, we really need an option to open all bookmarks in new tabs, if we so desire. While the sidebar works that way automatically, it does not work that way from smart folders.

    Before anyone says to try ctrl+click = new tab, I'm well aware of that, and that's not my point. The point is that I want an option for all bookmarks to open in new tabs. Also it would be nice to add tab focus. I hate window stealers.
  • Magnolia South
    Not in smart folders. I've tried it on Ubuntu, Vista AND XP.
Magnolia South

Missing bookmarks again - 38 views

tags bookmarking tag bug
started by Magnolia South on 20 Jul 09 no follow-up yet
  • Magnolia South
    I also need to add that when I rename tags, it isn't sticking.
Magnolia South

Tags not working - 227 views

tags-related Ubuntu CAPTCHA sidebar tag bug resolved
  • Magnolia South
    Here's an example. If I look up the tag "vegas" I get this, "no bookmarks tagged vegas" but if I look to the right where it says "my tags" I see the tag vegas. Not only that, but it says "vegas 10" so that means that I DO have bookmarks tagged vegas. Why can't I retrieve them?

    The first day it happened, I just shrugged it off thinking it would be fixed, and did so again the next day... and the next day... and the next day... but it's going on two weeks now. What gives? I need to be able to retrieve my bookmarks ASAP. I've been patient, but this has gone on too long now.

    Edited to add that also in Ubuntu, I cannot see the captcha here. I had to switch computers just to post this. Please fix that as well. I'm using the exact same extensions in Firefox on both computers, so it isn't extension related.
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  • Magnolia South
    Korben Dallas wrote:
    > Was just testing diigo instead of delicious (which i use for some years now)...and it won't work...
    > So I'll not wait...for me, Diigo's not very interesting..

    I am a user of delcious and have been for years, and I cannot agree (at all) with you that Diigo is "not very interesting." In fact, it is VERY interesting. It does so much more than delicious. In my opinion, Diigo has many more pros than delicious and many less cons than delicious as well.

    As far as being reliable, I remember when delicious had this VERY same issue and it took months to sort out. This is no different than any other application with issues.

    There are only a few things that delicious does that I wish Diigo would do. If I were to reverse that I would have to say that there are A LOT of things that Diigo does that I wish delicious would do. There is really no comparison in my opinion.

    Finally, the original designers of delicious have left Yahoo. The big exodus was headline news. Since then, it's been incredibly buggy. Yahoo is falling apart at the seams and personally I'd prefer a team that is still dedicated to its work. When Nick left Yahoo, I left delicious... more or less. It was the turning point where I began to rely more heavily on Diigo than delicious.

    All that said, I'm trying to be patient, I really am. It's just that this comes at a very bad time. I need it right now for research that I'm doing for my mother. I don't want to have to resort to delicious... EWWWW.
  • Magnolia South
    Stéphane Métral wrote:
    >For instance I have a bookmark made on 2009-04-20 (10 days ago) , I can find it by the title not by full text research though the page is cached.

    I'm not sure I follow this. How do you search by title?

    Just as I was discussing things with Korben, this is one of the few things I wish Diigo would do that delicious does very well. When we search for a bookmark in delicious, all at once you are searching for that keyword in the following locations:

    a. tags
    b. title
    c. description

    Diigo doesn't appear to do this and it really should for effective searching. That said I am also very interested in figuring out how you're searching for keywords in both the title and text. That would be an excellent thing to do. I've read how Diigo caches things, but I've never been able to figure that part out.
  • Magnolia South
    yvonne b wrote:
    > I think the big problem is that Diigo is not formally addressing this issue and giving people regular status updates. That would go a long way towards restoring confidence in Diigo.

    Excellent point! They have a blog, after all, so why aren't they updating us in the blog? If they want to keep site issues out of the "promotional" blog, fine... then create a site issues and update blog and keep it updated for us.

    Lack of communication is never good business.
  • Magnolia South
    Excellent! Thank you very much!

    Graham Perrin wrote:
    > At Joel wrote:
    > > All bookmarks can be retrieved though tags.
Magnolia South

Sidebar editing request - 69 views

delicious sidebar suggestion firefox3
started by Magnolia South on 03 Dec 08 no follow-up yet
  • Magnolia South
    First off, I'm really enjoying toying with Diigo. I'm not an absolute user just yet, but can easily see myself becoming one. You have excellent features which Delicious does not have. Also it's faster, but I don't yet have nearly as many bookmarks in Diigo as I do Delicious so as they increase I'll see how that does.

    All that said, the one feature which keeps me with Delicious is sidebar editing. In the Delicious sidebar I can enter a tag search then right click on one of the results, select Properties, and then I can edit that particular bookmark. For easily organizing bookmarks, this is essential.

    In Diigo, as far as I can tell, I would need to click on the bookmark then edit the bookmark or go to your site to edit it. That's a bit more tedious and for super users like myself, it quickly becomes a problem.

    Please consider this for us. I would be thrilled to see it implemented.
Magnolia South

Keywords vs. Tags, do you have a way? - 83 views

keywords tags suggestion
  • Magnolia South
    Delicious and Foxmarks allows users to enter both keywords AND tags. There is a difference between the two. Keywords allow users to type a set keyword into the address bar and then the browser takes the user to that site.

    For example, If I wanted to quickly get to Diigo, I could assign "d" (without the quotes) as the Diggo keyword. I then enter "d" in the address bar and I'm automatically taken to the Diigo website. There is no typing out tags nor are there shortcuts required.

    Can we do this in Diigo? While it's not 100% important, I'd say it's 95%. This would mean that I need to keep two bookmarking apps installed because I use keywords daily.
  • Magnolia South
    Graham Perrin wrote:
    > > enter "d" in the address bar and I'm automatically taken to the Diigo website.
    > I can't easily visualise this … do you mean that a text entry in the address bar of your browser is somehow intercepted by a complementary application ( or Foxmarks or Diigo or Diigolet or whatever) and replaced, macro-like, with alternative text?

    Yes, but I should add that I am using Firefox. I cannot verify other browsers.

    > I imagine that such a feature within Diigo might conflict, for some users, with products that have similar functionality. Here for example I use TextExpander and Saft

    Perhaps, but these are features that for quite sometime have been offered by both Foxmarks AND Delicious (I believe Firefox also allows it without any bookmarking extensions installed) without much incident that I'm aware of . The thing is, a user isn't required to use it, but it's a fantastic feature.

    In truth, as is well known to most Firefox users, conflicts between extensions can and do happen. The best fix to this is to warn the user and move on.

    Just my thought on that.
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