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Graham Perrin

group meta view of a group bookmark should allow all members of the group to add tags - 19 views

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started by Graham Perrin on 08 Oct 09
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  • Graham Perrin

    Without owner or moderator privilege, an ordinary group member can not add tags to group bookmarks that were posted by other members.


    Diigo Meta should offer an interface to add tags to a group bookmark.

    Maybe, make use of the white space that's currently present alongside the two tabs within the lower part of Diigo Meta in Diigo 4.0 beta.

    There is (in my view) a parallel problem with the current presentation of the two tabs… 
  • Graham Perrin
    I forgot that there's currently far too much, vertically, in the very shallow lower part of Diigo Meta. Specifically: the tabs are not visible, because group highlights appear in non-tabbed space above the tabs.

    Additional suggestions

    Do not use space above tabs to hide the tabs.

    Instead, present group highlights in a tab. Allow the tabs to be visible without scrolling

    - the mock-up arrangement of tabs in comment #2 above is refined accordingly.

    Maybe, use subtle colouring to distinguish between personal, group and public tabbed areas

    - so that when the reader chooses to scroll within the lower part of Diigo Meta, they do not lose the context of what they're reading.

    Better, use the small generic group icon (heads and shoulders) that's already used to signify the presence of group notes in Diigolet 4.0.b14.

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