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Tyme 2.0

[suggest] read later : option check box : not close the tab ! - 38 views

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started by Tyme 2.0 on 26 Aug 10
  • Tyme 2.0

    I 've a lot of open tab, sometimes FF crash and I lose my tabs
    .. 83 this morning :-(

    Xmarks does'nt save last tabs , just current tabs ( You can't go back to the past , like with your bookmarks )

    So I think the answer is Diigo, with "read later" button , but I don't want to close the tab !! ( I'llpress the toolbar button when I know I want to read later )

    It's not because I will read later that I want to close the tab ( Now with bartab and 2010 big memory computer, you don't need anymore to close your dozens of tabs )

    ( And for me , a tab closed is a tab I'll not read later.. nothing to remind me that I 've a readlater BM to read ! )

    If FF crash, I will find my last tabs with readlater list

    So , I would like a option checkbox to choose to not close the tab when press " read later button"

    I hope some of you will like my suggestion
  • sandy_diigo
    How about choosing " read later" in " more options" of the pop-up bookmark window?
    In this way, the current tab will not be closed.
    We take this two different operation mechanisms out of consideration for two different user scenarios.
    One is that users do not want to close the tab when bookmarking it "read later" , another is the on the contrary.

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