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Can't sign in in Digolet! - 373 views

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  • onesimusx
    I can't login in the Digolet!
    Even when I'm logged IN in diigo,
    'm still logged OUT in Digolet!

    I'm using the latest Firefox 3!

    Anyone knows why?
    Anyone knows a workaround?
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  • onesimusx
    My OS:WindowsXP SP3+autoupdates
    I ONLY have the digolet ,no diigo-toolbar!
    (diigo toolbar messed up my toolbars in FF2:had to re-install FF2!
    never tried it in FF3!)

    When I'm logged in on diigo,
    and click the digolet,
    it comes down and shows "logged in"
    in the diigo tab,
    it comes down,showing "sign in"
    When I try to sign in,I get a short message ONCE in digolet:"signin failed"
    whether I'm signed in on or not!

    Bottom line:I CAN't bookmark any page in my diigo page!
    Except pages from
    digolet works within,when logged in!
    My last bookmark on diigo dates from 2008-10-15...
    I liked diigo,while it lasted!
    But now it's almost obsolete!

    Graham Perrin wrote:
    > You can use one (Diigolet) or the other (Diigo Toolbar) but not both at the same time.
    > To your Firefox, have you added Diigo Toolbar? If so, which version: or
    > What's your operating system?
  • onesimusx
    Hi Graham
    Thanks for your response!
    Hope these answers help you solve it!

    Question 1: what is the exact version number of your Firefox 2?
    I don't use Firefox2 anymore!
    I use Firefox 3.0.5

    Question 2: what is your version of Diigolet?
    my digolet version is 3.1b446

    Question 3: are you allowing your Firefox to remember passwords for sites?
    When I try to login in Digolet,a Firefox-popup with the right name (onesimusx) and the right password appears,
    when I click "login",after a few seconds Digolet "Sign in" flashes: "failed"
    When I am logged in in diigo itself,and click "Sign in,
    it shows:"Welcome onesimusx"
    When I then go to another tab,Digolet shows:
    ""Sign in to add annotations".
    When I click "Sign in" it shows: "loading",
    and then "Sign in to add annotations" returns

    Question 4: does anyone other than you use your Windows computer?

    Question 5: does anyone other than you allow _your_ Firefox to save _their_ passwords for their sites (and services)?

  • onesimusx
    Graham Perrin wrote:
    My guess:
    when you show the passwords that Firefox has saved for your diigo ID, at least one will be wrong, or redundant.

    I'm affraid you guessed wrong!

    I have 2 diigo logins:

    Both have the same name/pw entries!
  • onesimusx
    Joel Liu wrote:
    Hi Onesimusx,
    Please check Firefox == >Tools == >Options == > Privacy == > Cookies == > make sure Accept cookies from sites and Accept thrid-party cookies are checked.
    Let me know if it is helpful. If not, could you zip and send your firefox profile to joel【at】diigo dot com? We'd like to help you out.

    You hit the right button there,Joel!

    I had "Accept thrid-party cookies" unchecked,
    after installing Firefox 3!
    çause I didn't feel a need for commercial&advertisers cookies
    residing on my system!

    After turning it on,Digolet worked again!
    Thanks alot for the solution!

    (I can't figure why the Diigo programmers didn't use a normal cookie,though....)
Susan Penter

Diigolet won't sign in - 65 views

bugs bug
started by Susan Penter on 01 Mar 08 no follow-up yet
  • onesimusx
    I'm affraid it's NOT fixed:
    after loading 1Kb digolet stalls....
    The last time I installed the toolbar on Firefox 2.0.12,
    it ruined my extensions:
    I had to start custumizing Firefox from scratch,and had a hard time finding back all addons...
    Also lost all my passwords.... won't try that again!
    Digolet was a functioning replacement,just a bit slower!
    Now I can't add any bookmark anymore:-(

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