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info magick

How to Hide the Text in the Diigolet Toolbar - 15 views

Is there any way to hide the text in the Diigolet toolbar (diigolet bookmarklet toolbar) and work with just the icons? Thanks


started by info magick on 26 Feb 12 no follow-up yet

Diigolet has stopped working - 85 views

Thanks! Working well again now!

diigolet help Mac OS X


all my public notes stuck to highlights, and all those highlights, are invisible to me - 14 views

Having tested with diigolet5.0b2 on firefox 5.0, all your annotations on this specific page show up. Can you please give us more detailed information so that we can handle it ASAP?

bug gpd4 Diigolet 5.0b2

Graham Perrin

Various Diigo tools make it impossible to read or add to group comments - 61 views

In response to Joel's post at re: description as a possible workaround to Diigo interface problems View Sam Richards: A radical experiment...

bug regression gpd4 Diigolet 5.0b2

Graham Perrin

Diigolet fails to load at a page - 7 views

At Diigolet 4.0b396 gets no further than > Loading Diigolet…

bug Diigolet 4.0b396 gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 07 Dec 10 no follow-up yet

Diigolet doesn't work with Opera!!! - 52 views

Hi I tryed to use Diigolet with the latest Opera versions but it doesn't work anymore... It only works with the old Opera 10 release O_o When developers will fix this problem?

bug Diigolet Opera help

started by anonymous on 13 Oct 10 no follow-up yet

privacy issues - 150 views

The bug has been fixed. Please check it again.

suggestion help Diigolet privacy


Can't snapshot using Diigolet on Explorer - 24 views

Diigolet does not have the feature of snapshot. It's a simplified edition of diigo toolbar. Can you download other extensions successfully? BTW,what's the download software you use? We cannot repro...

Diigolet Explorer Snapshot

Graham Perrin

Placing bookmarks in multiple lists - 42 views

Cross-references and more, including a topic (not found at the moment) with a screen sh...

suggestion diigo Diigolet list 550954 956252 956297 958173 1043298 1755898

Graham Perrin

Diigolet 4.0b5 not loading at - 0 views

Bugged: > Loading Diigolet…

bug Diigolet 4.0b5 gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 03 Jul 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

speech bubble/pencil icon makes some text invisible - 4 views

Bugged: Screen shot to follow. The cause of this bug may be similar, but not identical, to the many examples under

bug hidden missing text Diigolet 4.0b166

started by Graham Perrin on 01 Jul 10 no follow-up yet

Since Diigo 5, all annotated links seem to fail - 36 views

You do not follow the right steps. Please select "get the annotated link" from the drop down menu of share option. The share option is located below each item. As you see,the following are annotate...

bug resolved priority Diigolet annotated link redirect gpd4

Graham Perrin

Diigolet view of group tag dictionary does not reflect previously entered matching tags - 3 views

A very minor issue with Diigolet 4.0b166 1. before copying to a group, add to a bookmark a tag that's in that group's dictionary 2. copy (share) to that group Bug Buttons for the matching tags ...

bug Diigolet 4.0b166 group copy share tag dictionary gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 20 Jun 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Comment pane of Diigolet no longer works with contextual menus - 10 views

Maybe comparable to (2010-06-19), 'comment pane of Diigolet 4.0b166: can not select, can not copy'. Bug Text and hyperlinks wit...

bug Diigolet 4.0b166 comment window pane contextual menu gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 20 Jun 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin liked it
Graham Perrin

Highlights & Sticky Notes - 45 views

See below, foot of page, under the heading Diigo Tools: Diigolet For All Browsers Diigo Chrome Extension - those things are just two of a range of tools. You can use one, or both, but neither ...

bug suggestion Diigo Diigolet highlight sticky Google Chrome Chromium (web browser)

Graham Perrin

Comment pane of Diigolet mostly hidden at - 1 views

At pages such as Bug When the Comment pane is displayed, much of it is...

bug Diigolet 4.0b166 gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 18 Jun 10 no follow-up yet
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