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Andy Standfield

Feature Request: Annotated Link in RSS Feed - 64 views

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started by Andy Standfield on 02 Oct 08
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  • Andy Standfield
    I would love it if, along with the regular link to a bookmarked site, items in the RSS feed included a link to diigo's cached version with my notes. Possibly a line at the end of the item that read something link "Read this page with [username's] annotation."

    I know the comments, sticky notes, and highlights appear directly in the feed item; but I think providing the link would be useful so readers could see it in context (would also be a great way to promote the features of Diigo).
  • Graham Perrin

    User-produced annotated links default to disclosing annotations that are private.

    To the best of my knowledge, Diigo Meta leads to annotated views that exclude both annotations from private groups and personal private annotations. In other words, Diigo Meta is relatively public-friendly.

    Page comments are missing from all annotated views without Diigo Meta


    I'd prefer links within RSS feeds to refer to Diigo Meta views of bookmarked pages.

    Examples to follow…
  • Graham Perrin
    Examples of Diigo Meta views of annotated bookmarks from within Andy Standfield's public library

    Examples of Diigo Meta views of annotated bookmarks from within Nathan Rein's public library

    Those URLs are varied slightly from the default, to focus on the
    Public comments tab in lieu of the history. My thinking there is that we should be conversational and look forward (not be faced with read-only statistics and look backwards).
  • Nathan Rein
    Yes, including Meta Pages in the feeds would make more sense. Good thinking.

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