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Rob Webb

"has no public tags" can't see tag cloud - delicious import - 57 views

Thank you so much! That's fantastic news! I appreciate it

bug tag cloud delicious tags import public

A. D.

How to view tags in cloud in V5 - 107 views

Dont tell me you disabled the option to view your tags in a tag cloud? I cant find where to view the cloud.

tag-cloud cloud tags tag

yc c

I can not see the tag cloud in "my Library" - 43 views

Weird, I see it. Are you using any adblock or userscript? There is an ad in the sidebar, it maybe gone with it(?)

tag cloud


"Add a Bookmark" dialog bugs caused by FF profile - resolved by creating new profile - 60 views

Oops! I already deleted the problem profile - wanted to get the crap off my HD ASAP :-) Sorry! BTW, come to think of it, Diigo has not been 100% functional for quite a while. After the v 3.x u...

workaround resolved Diigo help suggestion bug tagging adding list personal tag cloud toolbar Windows XP Mozilla Firefox Firefox profile profile problem

nadege austin

Show tags in sidebar's bookmarks - 81 views

Hi Graham, I have seen your different answers about the tags in the sidebar. I have to go with the users who would like to see this feature. I agree that the page is more powerful, but I...

tag-related sidebar bookmark tag related tags help suggestion cloud

Graham Perrin

Export cache | Diigo - 10 views

  • 1-click saving
  • Speed is a factor
  • keyword search
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • saved pages somehow categorized
  • accessible from anywhere
  • export the cached page along with the sticky notes, etc
  • I'd much prefer that sort of thing in the cloud
  • specify a dated cache/snapshot for presentation of annotations
    I'd like the ability to specify a dated cache/snapshot for presentation of annotations.
Graham Perrin

Show group shared tags in sidebar - 7 views

> show page-related tags that apply in groups of which you are a member. I wonder whether this will be a feature of Diigo Meta, when group meta views are given …

review sidebar tag group share suggestion meta Diigolet cloud gpd4

Hanna Neuhaus

"Recent tags" do not appear in "My tags" - 113 views

Hi Hanna In as few words as possible, a) in this forum we have a few reports from Diigo users who have problems with tags b) in many ...

tags-related recent my tag cloud bug

Graham Perrin

Tag cloud not working - 122 views

Wes and all, Diigo 4.0 beta awaits you, at your leisure …

review 20091015 Delcious import diigo tag cloud bug

Graham Perrin

Tag Cloud - 325 views

@ K.L. Evans Is this working in Diigo 4.0 beta?

tag cloud help bug TagRolls blog

Graham Perrin

tag cloud lists none of the user's tags; and/or user can not edit tags - 38 views currently reports > Tim K has no public tags. Not true; | Recent Tags currently presents nineteen tags. tag cloud edit bug count gpd4

Graham Perrin

cloud on a time line - 108 views

See also bookmark search - more parameters (date and so on)

timeline tag cloud time line UI GUI search ephemeral suggestion gpd4

Jeremy Luce

Filter labels keep disappearing - 50 views

Yep, they showed up a couple hours after my previous post. Thanks!

filters import Delicious tag cloud count resolved

Joel Liu

Bug - Two word tags OK in My Diigo tag cloud but not working in groups. 2 design issues - 103 views

> 1. If you update tag in My Diigo doesn't automatically update tags on same sites in groups - Yesterday i went and edited a number of tags in My Diigo fully expecting these to flow automatically ...

edit tags tagging tags tag cloud count


How to set alpha - list view by default? - 45 views

Sure, here:

cloud defaults list tagcloud tags view view-pattern

Laurent J.V  Dubois

Group tagroll tool - 33 views

+1 All add-value tools for personnal Diigo will be an amazing add-value for each group. and Tagrool is perhaps the most interesting for a group community. Laurent, admin of the Sales Group http://...

cloud group tagroll


Tag Clout formatting - When is it going to happen? - 19 views

awesome! Thanks Joel. Love diigo. joel wrote: > > i.e. when i add the tag "SharePoint" i don't want to see "sharepoint". > ======== > This is in our to do list. > > And when i add the tag "Sha...

cloud formatting tag

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