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Rick Castorani

Unsuccessful Delicious import - 86 views

delicious import tags-related tag duplicate resolved thanks thank you

started by Rick Castorani on 26 Jun 09
  • Rick Castorani
    Is anyone else experiencing the same level of difficulty as me?? I have imported all of my delicious bookmarks but none of the tags have come over with them. They look like they are still tagged but when you click "My Tags" there is nothing there. I have tried this several times using both the api and html import. What is going on???
  • Graham Perrin
    Hi Rick

    Amonst the FAQ there's a summary relating to issues affecting tags, in particular imported tags.
  • Graham Perrin
    Rick Castorani wrote:

    > where I can find the issue resolved

    Erm, whilst we're on the subject of tags: try a tag: resolved

    You'll find more than a few tag-related issues resolved, but probably not (yet) the issue that you describe.

    > posts by you that have absolutely no help whatsoever.

    Thanks. Enjoy Delicious.

    Tag: manners
  • Rick Castorani
    Graham, my point for ranting is not to hurt your feelings or point out your flaws, it is to illustrate the point that it would have been much easier for someone as yourself (whether an employee or not) to have simply stated that this is an ongoing issue that hasn't been resolved yet.

    If this
    >"but probably not (yet) the issue that you describe. "
    was in your first post, I would have been very grateful and had my question answered.

    I am eternally grateful and supportive of the online culture and community where we can have free services to make our lives better/easier with a plethora of people ready to volunteer themselves to help. Therefor, with that said, I had no intention of insulting you or having 'bad manners". If you go back and take a look at all the threads on this issue that you have commented on, they have all died with no resolution.

    So I guess I should thank you for taking the time to read my post and replying, even though, and again not a reflection on yourself in any matter, it was of no help and just pointed me to other dead threads about the same problem.

    I am an ass because I assumed you were pointing me towards a solution when really you were just pointing me towards where you thought I might find one. Also, you assumed I hadn't already looked there.

    Thanks again for your help, especially since you don't work for diigo.
  • Graham Perrin
    Hey, sorry for being short tempered, the end of a long week!

    You're right, I could have begun by saying something like, it's a known issue for which a fix is awaited.

    Topics may go quiet but I shouldn't treat them as dead. My gut feeling is that a slew of issues will be resolved in one go...
  • Rick Castorani
    > Topics may go quiet but I shouldn't treat them as dead. My gut feeling is that a slew of issues will be resolved in one go...

    Lets hope so. Diigo definitely has the upper hand when it comes to services based around social bookmarking, but until this is fixed, there is no use for any delicious user to switch as this point unless they want to start all over.
  • Graham Perrin
    Rick Castorani wrote:

    > none of the tags have come over

    A public view of your bookmarks suggests that the earliest may be 2008-12-01. and find bookmarks with that date.

    Are those two tags examples of ones that originated in Delicious?
  • Graham Perrin
    Rick Castorani wrote:

    > none of the tags have come over

    At your bookmarks, do either of the clouds contain any of the tags that were imported?

    The screen shot below is of my own collection:

  • Rick Castorani
    OK so to answer your question, the "My recent tags" box did have a good amount of my imported tags. Also, the bookmarks that came over still had their tags with them. The problem was with the "My Tags" section (and box) in diigo - it was totally blank except for the tags that originated in diigo.

    But all of that doesn't matter for me now because I logged in today to reply to this thread and poof, everything is there! I can now finally explore diigo further. I hope they were able to fix it for everyone and not just hitting people on a case by case basis because this was a hell of an issue.

    Thanks for your help graham and good luck to you in the future. I hope for your sake that this issue is a thing of the past!
  • Graham Perrin
    Many thanks for the positive feedback!

    I think we can treat this topic as resolved.

    Off-topic, looking ahead: you may find that your imported tags (but not tags created by you in Diigo) are 'sticky' for a while. Points 5 and 6 in the summary in the FAQ. But if your cloud looks good then you probably need not edit or delete the tags therein.

    My guesses are that:

    * the resolution to this particular issue arose from routine/periodic maintenance/synchronisation for the benefit of all users (not special attention to any single user)

    * tag-related issues such as these will continue to be noticeable to some users, following imports - at least while Diigo team continue to work on new features (not least, the personalised caching service that was familiar to users of Furl, before Furl closed).


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