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Webtwo Dozent

Export to Delicious works - but every bookmark is 'private' there - 20 views

... even if it's public at Diigo. I work with ifttt-service and there it matters, if adelicious bookmark is private or public.

delicious ifttt

started by Webtwo Dozent on 19 Oct 11 no follow-up yet
sarah druet

Pb delicious import: cut notes - 8 views

I've just imported my 850 annotated delicious bookmarks into delicious. The import is completed, but when my notes were longer than 255 letters, thay are cut. However,it is possible to write longer...

delicious import note limit

started by sarah druet on 15 Oct 11 no follow-up yet
Peggy George

Please activate export to delicious! - 37 views

Update: When I tried again today to connect my Diigo account with Delicious, I was successful. They seem to be gradually rolling things out with Delicious, fixing bugs as they go.


Delilah Draken

Problem with delicious import - 78 views

@sandy_diigo The problem seems to have resolved itself. When I last looked at my tags on Sunday it was still the very strange high number.

help delicious import

Adaptable Org

RSS feed pubdate does not match date visible in my library - 28 views

Hello, This morning I imported all of my delicious bookmarks and everything looks great (dates, descriptions, tags, etc) when I look at My Library. When I pull info from the RSS feed, though, the...

delicious rss feed pubDate import

started by Adaptable Org on 27 Sep 11 no follow-up yet
Rob Webb

"has no public tags" can't see tag cloud - delicious import - 57 views

Thank you so much! That's fantastic news! I appreciate it

bug tag cloud delicious tags import public

Michael Delpach

Email address exposed after importing from Delicious - 58 views

Thanks for resolving this dreaded problem sandy_diigo.

delicious email privacy


Diigo tags not being transferred to Delicious - 9 views

Can you please give us some bookmarks whose tags are in question as examples?

bug tags delicious transfer

Julian Qian

Can I import bookmark tags to "My Tags" in diigo? - 31 views

Sorry, I find all tags has been imported into "My Tags". It seems some hours is needed to complete this job. -_-!

delicious bookmark tags


Problem with Delicious export - 23 views

Can you pleas send the URL in question to so that we can further look into this issue?

Delicious privacy

Naoj Gior

Delicious to Diigo top tags problem - 22 views

Sandy! Things are perfect now. Appreciate :)

delicious diigo top-tag


Delicious Import - Long Wait - 37 views

Thank you! It looks like my bookmarks have imported now.

delicious import


Delicious import says complete, but no tags or bookmarks - 71 views

Having checked in database,I found that the file you uploaded is an empty file,which contains no bookmarks. Can you please try to export from delicious again?

delicious import missing bookmarks tags Firefox Windows 7

LC Stuff

Importing Delicious Tags in 2011 - 74 views

The last time I tagged anything with "RUP" was in 2008 & it was 2007 since I used the "pocketPC" tag, yet they are listed under my recent tags. I add a new bookmark almost every day, so I doubt an...

Delicious import

cappie ²

I can't switch from Delicious to Diigo because ... - 29 views

I can't switch from Delicious to Diigo because I'm missing a feature; an option to show ALL bookmarks with a certain tag (or tag set) in it... Right now, when I add 'design' as a "Quick Access Filt...

diigo convert delicious followers bookmarks quick access filter feature switch option missing

started by cappie ² on 28 Jan 11 no follow-up yet

"Save to delicious" not working? - 139 views

Just tried again and yes, it doesn't work at all.

diigo delicious bug


Delicious Tags? - 52 views

Thanks for the tip Stewy! I've already started to organize my tags but now I'm going to wait till Delicious tags appear in "My tags" field.

diigo delicious help

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