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Danny Zacharias

"Recent tags" do not appear in "My tags" - 113 views

tags-related recent my tag cloud bug

started by Danny Zacharias on 07 May 09
  • Danny Zacharias
    I was asked to move this to a separate thread. All of my tags only appear in my tag cloud ("recent tags") but they do not appear in the "My tags" page. I thought maybe this was something related to the whole tagging reindex, but no one else has mentioned this problem.

    Thanks, Danny
  • Graham Perrin
    A selection of tag-related messages/topics from March 2008 to date:

    I'll review those, then review this topic

    In the meantime: my sense is that:

    * busy periods may lead to less than 100% consistency between different views of tags

    * some time (I can not guess how much) is required for all views to become consistent.
  • Graham Perrin
    Danny Zacharias wrote:

    > All of my tags … do not appear in the "My tags" page.

    The current count of 3 tags at is less than the count of recent tags at

    I view this as one of the issues that relates to point (3) at currently suggests no more than one match for each tag but for some tags, the actual number of matching bookmarks is greater than one; this relates to point (4) at
  • Danny Zacharias
    I don't really understand your answer. Are you just acknowledging that it is a problem, or offering a solution?
  • Graham Perrin
    Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    In my post #4 I view relationships between:

    a) two issues observed above

    - focused on your own tags

    and for each of the two issues,

    b) a numbered point within a summary

    - that summary is broader; not focused on the tags of any individual; not focused on past users of Furl.
  • Hanna Neuhaus
    I have a similar problem and didn't really understand the last post (sorry, I am not english native speaker).

    I importet my bookmarks from delicious and all the tags are listet "My Recent Tags" but not in "My Tags". So when I try to edit my tags they don't appear ...
    I importet the delicious bookmarks both ways (via a html-file, and directly) - always same result.
    Im using MacOS X, firefox 3.0

    Thanks in advance! Hanna
  • Graham Perrin
    Hi Hanna

    In as few words as possible,

    a) in this forum we have a few reports from Diigo users who have problems with tags

    b) in many of those reports, it seems that the problems are specific to tags that arose from an import

    c) quoting from tags: a summary of selected issues:

    * issues with tags have been reported, then prioritised by Diigo, then resolved, on past occasions

    * when imports to Diigo are frequent, or large, or many: issues may be more noticeable, and may take longer to resolve

    * the ongoing phase-in from Furl may involve the greatest import, of many large data sets, in the history of Diigo.

    In the few topics that are tagged FAQ (frequently asked questions) we have one entitled
    [Important] Furl transition update

    I recommend:

    1. visit that important topic, scroll to the foot of the page

    2. click [Enable] Email notification for this topic

    3. await an update from someone at Diigo, probably Maggie.


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