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Graham Perrin

Comment Wall: CAPTCHA failing repeatedly in multiple browsers - 42 views

At users' comment walls, the CAPTCHA _always_ fails :( @ Diigo This could explain the under-use of the walls. Can the CAPTCHA problems, at walls and elsewhere, be resolved? (I rarely use the w...

CAPTCHA comment wall bug gpd4

Graham Perrin

CAPTCHA failing in Safari - 72 views

Darn. Will forward this to our engineer's attention. And sorry for any inconvenience. Anyone knows any other good CAPCHA service?

resolved negligible CAPTCHA WebKit bug

Graham Perrin

Selecting any tags shows error: "no bookmarks tagged (tag name)" - 349 views

> same problem @ Bruce: whatever the problem was here, it was resolved by Diigo. Whatever problem you have, must be new or separate. Please could you start a new topic, with relevant detail? Tha...

tags-related bug resolved

Graham Perrin

CAPTCHA presents letters but requests numbers - 18 views

Diigo, I'm sure you know this already (AFAIR it began around the time of reports re: CAPTCHA issues): > Please type this number in the box provided. appears alongside a CAPTCHA that's wholly alp...

CAPTCHA GUI TTW inconsistency bug gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 20 Nov 08 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Urgent Q: Captcha and Accessibility - 34 views

I replied backchannel to the Diigo team with suggestions. the most obvious would be the ReCaptcha system that a lot of people are using. Really, there are many captcha systems out there that are re...

accessibility captcha bug priority

Graham Perrin

Suggestion: CAPTCHA should not use uppercase and lowercase letters i l o or numbers 1 0 - 19 views

As the risk of misinterpreting such characters, when skewed in a CAPTCHA, is high - so their presentation should be avoided.

CAPTCHA GUI TTW suggestion gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 20 Nov 08 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

problems with some pictures/avatars and CAPTCHA - 22 views notes that the problem, whatever it was, didn't last for long.

bug profile avatar picture CAPTCHA resolved

Graham Perrin

Diigo forum composition garbled if CAPTCHA is not matched - 664 views

Joel Liu wrote: > Got the problem. We will fix it soon. I haven't noticed this issue in a while. Fixed, I guess? - thanks!

CAPTCHA bug resolved

Graham Perrin

captcha problems for new account creation - 34 views

For the last hour, my friend has tried to create a diigo account on all computers... but cannot because the captcha image is not loading in the page. Problems with accessibility here people.


P. G.

Thanks so much! =) - 41 views

Hi there, (how) can I edit my above post? ;-) Please see my new topic! Thanks...


Graham Perrin

list: can not add comments: captcha failing - 17 views

The problem seems to be intermittent. At least nine times out of ten, addition fails. Often, the entered text is lost. Just once, an addition worked. If it's relevant: * at http://www.diig...

list comment captcha bug 4.1 gpd4

jc perl

Tags not working - 239 views

Excellent! Thank you very much! Graham Perrin wrote: > At Joel wrote: > > > All bookmarks can be retrieved though tags.

tags-related Ubuntu CAPTCHA sidebar tag bug resolved


Public Sticky? - 81 views

I can't make any public comments or sticky notes either, get this message "To reduce spam, posting public notes is a privilege reserved for active and trusted users. ". Is it because I have no foll...

sticky notes public spam (electronic)


Adding Offline Information to Lists - 90 views

Me neither. Call Me What You Want wrote: > Thanks. Already done that. Btw what was on Mia's link? Couldn't access it.

Call Me What You Want

Friend Request Needs Work - 36 views

From this topic here: I just want to suggest that the friend request feature be improved. It is highly annoyi...

bugs suggestion bug

started by Call Me What You Want on 31 Aug 08 no follow-up yet
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